Angel Number 0101: Message from Angels

For all of us, at certain moments in our lives, the time comes when life becomes so problematic and challenging to live, even unbearable; we cannot find the answers and solutions to our problems, we are lost and disoriented.

In those moments, we will seek help in less conventional ways than talking to someone who is close to us or consulting a psychologist – we don’t say it’s a bad idea, but these methods don’t always help, sometimes we need something … different.

When we discuss more unconventional methods, we talk about astrology, tarot, divination, magic cards or numerology. Some of these methods are based on science, others not so much, they’re vaguely based on some scientific research.

But we can also say that numbers can be, perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to find the answers when we need them, they can be useful, and this is useful.

Because it is true that astrology can give us good ideas for the future and some characteristics of a personality; this “science” can also reveal many other aspects in our future, related to love and work relationships.

But also, what needs to be mentioned, it is much easier to notice the numbers when they are in the form of angel messages, and to understand that it is the perfect technique that exists – with the help of numbers, we can find much more.

Four-digit numbers are significant as angel messages and should be observed with special attention and examine their deep complexity and meaning.

What does it mean?

People born under the influence of number 0101 are very independent and love their freedom; they are the leaders and people who bring change to society, they are individuals who are remembered. They are imaginative and original, and because of their exciting personality, the number 0101 can influence so many people – others like to follow their leadership and listen to their words.

They are usually unpredictable and prone to make sudden changes; for 0101 people, it can be a challenge to stay with an opinion for a long time – sometimes this is confusing for their closest friends and family.

People who are 0101 seek friends who share similar enthusiasm and love for change as they do – they have deep and equal friendships throughout life. Number 0101 often sees their friends as part of their soul, how close they are to each other.

Sometimes the number 0101 can display a very strong personality and a completely idealistic and independent nature. Sometimes it may seem like people, who can spend their lives alone and need no one – but it’s just a look, they are emotional and needy.

The emotions observed in these individuals show that they are quite passionate; they quickly change moods: they replace kind and sophisticated feelings with a hard or even rude attitude. If there is a problem on the road of life, they become cold and somewhat indifferent – but this feeling lasts only for a short time.

The energy of people who are number 0101 is powerful – physically and emotionally, they exert a lot of pressure to be the first and the best they can be in everything they do.

The advice for number 0101 is to stop pushing yourself so much and relax at least sometimes; it’s not the most important thing to be the best at all times, sometimes it’s enough to be happy in the present moment.

The secret meaning

Special attention is needed when we talk about secret meanings – here is a specific vibration – this numerical combination starts with zero and ends with one, we can see two numbers zero and two numbers 1. Both numbers, one and zero, individually and together are very powerful and influential.

The number 1 resonates with high intellectual powers, strong personality and symbolically with new beginnings and energy changes.

Moreover, in this case, the number 1 brings strong will, determination, independence, durability, individuality and courage.

If we know that the number zero increases the energy of the other number that is next to you in the combination of numerology, then it also strengthens the number 1, making it even more powerful.

But also, what is hidden and very related to the numerology of angels is that the number 0 resonates with the subjects of unity, nothing, infinite, truth, purity, love, everything, alpha and omega, possibility, first cause and the word of God. All these characteristics clearly show that the person who is the number 0101 is very blessed with his or her numerical combination and has the opportunity to obtain much in life.


The emotions observed in these individuals show how we mentioned that they are very passionate and loving people.

They are people who like to command, to lead, they are usually very stubborn and possessive. When it comes to love, they prefer to be a hunter than a prey; in love relationship number 0101 it can be spontaneous and seductive.

They are attractive and confident; they choose their lovers, never letting the opposite situation happen.

Number 0101 thinks he is the best in the world and is superior to all others; this person as a partner is led by instinct and not by emotions. He can act rudely, selfishly and impulsively, and can be aggressive, especially the men representing this number.

But that’s what’s on the surface – number 0101 also has its positive side. This is a person who can show his sensitive side and how much he cares about his loved one.

He believes in the ideal love, and if he finds it (or thinks he has), he will not accept rejection as an option. He is a warrior and fights – for victory.

Enteresting facts

An angel in Hebrew means a messenger and he who carries the information; Angels are messengers of Divine energies, they are eternal beings whose duty is to serve God. These are the beings of light who care for humans and help them find their way in life, to serve them as guiding light and counselor.

Sometimes all you have to do is stop and ask the angels, “Please help me”, you will soon recognize and feel their message.

When we discuss the specific message number 0101, it also belongs to the order of those that are very important, and you can see that due to its constitutional elements, made so that they can be easily detected and it is the number that stays in your mind.


At the beginning of this period, you are trapped in creative chaos, say the Angels in message number 0101. But you wanted to change something. Unfortunately, you continued to face problems and asked the Angels to help you. And they listened to you and sent the message number 0101 – the information is that there are still many ideas in your heart.

You must connect with the child in you; you need the purity of the child’s soul to move forward. Be playful and do what makes you happy, allow the ideas to mature, ideas that will take real shape in the next period of your life, the angels say.

You can become a guardian and protector of values – love is strong in your heart. You are ready to show it, prove it, and fight for it. You feel that life brings emotion, secrets that you can explore endlessly. It is the beginning of a deeper awareness of the power of feeling that inspires your relationship with the world.

The angels are teaching you that after each failure a strong hand will come to pull you out of the deep after every major problem comes.

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