Angel Number 1155: Message from Angels

Also in this article we will discuss in more detail the subject of angels and their presence in the world of humans. How can we know that Angels are around us and that they really exist, that they are not just the imaginary tale? We have talked about their numbers (angels), but how can we be sure that these numbers are sent from the realm of angels and are not something totally different?

Many studies and religious scriptures have been written on this topic, and most of this text is at the same conclusion-some things undoubtedly prove that angels are present in our kingdom.

Sometimes angels will make their presence a little more apparent, but only people with high spiritual abilities can “see them.

Angels specifically inform people about your existence, and you don’t need someone to be religious to feel your presence strongly. Angels exist at a different vibration frequency than people, many of us are not able to see them, although we can feel their presence. By many testimonies, gathered over the years, people say that the moment they feel they are not alone, or the moment they think of the specific numerical sequence, they feel that the temperature in the room has changed. a mysterious smell has come out of nowhere, or different colored lights appear. Those are moments when Angel is present.

That’s all the angel’s work, and the rule is that if you believe in them, you’ll get more signals. They are here to help us in our course of life, so that we can reach our full potential.

Angel number 1155 – what does that mean?

These people who are under the influence of number 1155 are “normal” people who are sometimes prone to eccentric outbursts, such as unconventional dress style. They are reserved, closed, and sometimes act a bit rigidly – number 1155 acts in this way from an early age, even when young children. They are conservative people, but behind this discreet behaviour, high sensitivity is hidden.

The great advantage is the analiticity that is expressed in the field of family and friendship; they are the friends who give the best advice and can solve all problems.

The most important thing is that number 1155 expresses compassion not only in words, but in actions.

Similarly, the tendency to analyze can easily become a disadvantage, because number 1155 can become obsessed with examining everything, even the things that should be used for fun and pleasure.

Also, the person who is number 1155 can be very critical, both to himself and to others, often behaving boringly, worried about details; sometimes they even seem cold and distant individuals.

The secret meaning

The number of the angel 1155 is a numerical sequence connected to the vibrations of number 11 and 55. While we often discuss number 11, here we will just remind you of the most prominent vibrations of number 11.

This is a number that is connected to the illumination of the person who is under your influence – it brings the possibility of transforming life so that it can correspond to perfect spiritual life.

The number 55 represents enlightenment, subconsciousness, sensuality, sometimes neurotic instincts, shyness and disorientation in practical matters. This is the number that contains dualism in the true sense of the word. Beyond all resources, it brings charisma and inspiration to the person under its influence.

And now we come to the hidden meaning of number 1155 – it is the number that represents the internal conflict, it brings danger because, if there is not a high level of concentration in the achievement of goals, these goals can become fears and life can become much darker and more problematic.

To conclude, this person has a strong potential for growth, progress, stability and personal power, but this is only possible in the case of reconciliation with the intuitive side of your inner being. The achievement of harmony in number 1155 is not so much in logic as in faith in inner strength, and he needs to nurture it from an early age. When he is a child, these resources are at their peak.


Angel number 1155 does not like romantic gestures; he feels that everything is false – this is the person who believes in some concrete actions. This person is guided by reason in the field of emotions, for some this is contradictory, but it is true.

They enjoy stable and lasting relationships and choose partners whose dedication is at the top of the list of priorities – that number wants partners who have the same sense of values. And these values are very traditional and conservative. Therefore, do not cheat and lie; partners must, in their opinion, remain together in all situations, and brutal loyalty and honesty are necessary in their relationship.

During his lifetime, number 1155 rarely has more than two serious relationships, and his marriage is unthinkable without many children. Sometimes when they are relaxed in a long-term relationship, the number 1155 can become cynical with common cynical comments, and this can upset their partner; moreover, when they are hurt for some reason, they completely stop talking to their partner, which can last for days.

When it comes to sex, they are great lovers who want to give their partner as much pleasure as possible, and their methodical nature helps them to become the perfect lovers who are masters of passion – they listen to their partners’ wishes.

Interesting fact

One thing is very interesting when we talk about number 1155, and one thing we haven’t mentioned is the fact that this numerical sequence explains a close connection between people and angels.

Our children are young angels who help us to keep our hearts and minds open to love. Hearts and minds open, we can experience the magic of life through the eyes of a child.

Children are naturally intuitive, and most children can talk to their angels. You have certainly heard some children say that they talk regularly with their imaginary friend – it is quite possible that it was the angel.


If you have seen this message, know that it has two intentions: first, it is made for the child within you or it is intended for some child in need.

This message that is sent to the world of humans through number 1155 is intended to encourage people to flourish and develop spiritually.

The angels are saying that mainly you have to believe in yourself, believe in miracles, love and respect yourself. Also, the Angels are saying that you always have to have some desire and never stop imagining how your dreams will come true.

Finally, always trust your feelings – they are the main way God and the angels talk to you. That is why it is so important to pay attention to your senses.

And never forget that the angels are always with you, you are never alone. God and the angels are with you. You can always talk to them about everything that’s bothering you. Heaven loves you now, the angels are saying in this message.

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