Angel Number 15: Message from Angels

The number fifteen in the numerology of angels marks the manifestation of a harmonious life, a synthesis of matter and spirit.

Angel number 15 refers to the material and spiritual and constant flow of energy, the source of power and cooperation.

This number is relevant for those who want to learn and make a significant change in their lives.

Angel number 15 – what does that mean?

His gentle nature is so difficult to disturb, but when this happens, and the fifteen are angry, their sadness, tears and anger are sincere. So they shoot to kill. Angel number 15 need not be expressed in any rational category. They are very difficult people to understand, justify or explain some of their actions, so as not to bother liking everyone.

The essence of this number is in extreme persistence, in combination with integrity and harmony. The fifteen angels have their problems – sometimes they are limited because of their inexplicable nature.

But this is only a part of their layered character. Fifteen are fatal to the opposite sex; they enjoy life, love flowers and fragrances, are interested in jewellery, and like pretty, expensive clothes. They are friendly people with good manners. Angel number 15 loves water, roses and animals.

Fifteen is the number of deep esoteric meaning, magic and mystery, but as some numerologists say, fortunately it is not connected with the dark side of occultism. Fifteen years can bring great happiness to others – it is one of the best qualities in the numbers of angels. People who are the number 15 angels are often associated with music and art. They can be musicians, dancers, singers, writers, painters – they have become successful in any type or art form they begin to make.

It is not uncommon for fifteen years to make a great career out of hobbies. They are incredibly creative and practical. Fifteens are an artistic soul, innovative, open and always ready to try something new. They can find creativity in everything they do, because they are blessed with many talents. Fifteen can be found in the medical world – they can treat people by conventional or alternative methods. Fifteen are proud of their ability to heal human souls.

The secret meaning

Number 15 is a combination of the Sun and the new beginnings, represented in number 1, and Mercury and power, represented in number 5. The two planets illustrate intelligence, intelligence, material success and popularity. Some numerologists stress that fifteen like luxury and material wealth. The love of luxury, the free and unhappy life and the tendency of sensual pleasure dominate the opinions of fifteen years.

The number 15 is a mixture of the vibrations of number 1 and number 5. The number 1 is related to a new beginning, activity and assertiveness, achievement and success. The number 5 resonates with the attributes of making important life choices and changes, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation and idealism.

Number 5 also refers to doing things your way, no matter what others say. Number 15 tells a story of independence, sensitivity, creativity, teaching others and the energy of love.

Angel numerologists say that three planets rule with the number 15 – The sun that brings popularity to the fifteen, Merkury, that encourages them to move and travel regularly, and Venus, that takes them to comfortable, expensive and luxurious places. Fifteen are kind, sensitive, attractive and seem younger than their age.

Sometimes angel number 15 can be seduced by black magic and witchcraft with the desire to appreciate and explore emotional nature. In this sense, they can wander into “bad” territory; they can be filled with negativity and deviate from their course.

The advice for the fifteen is to develop their healing skills to the maximum and try to overcome their sensitivity, especially one caused by someone’s criticism.


If the number 15 is in a loving relationship with the numbers 3 or 7, it becomes an even more powerful number; then it can reach its full potential. But if the fifteen are related to numbers like 4 or 8, the person will not hesitate to be very jealous and offensive. Everything bad and negative will come out in this case of love.

In addition, angel number 15, due to his high sensitivity and sensitivity, can be the target of exploitative and manipulative partners.

Interesting facts

As for number 15, the most interesting is a story based on research conducted in the 1960s. A psychoanalysis researched to find out which number is more significant when it comes to controlling desires to achieve higher goals.

After some months of research, he concluded that for a human being it only takes 15 minutes to contain any habit, desire, thought, etc. Desires are like waves, they grow, reach their peak and then fall. If concentrated, a human can concentrate his thought on some positive goal.

That is the power of this number – ask for answers and be patient to wait for them. By freeing yourself from the “old” question, you can be open to receiving something new.


When you see the number 15 or the number sequence 15, check if you need a significant change. You have ideas, but 15 will give you the courage and guidance you need to make positive choices in life. Changes that come to you in this way will show that your change can also be beneficial to others.

This number 15 will serve as a reminder that you only need 15 minutes to contain yourself from dangerous desires and old habits. You will open the door to something new and constructive.

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