Angel Number 49: Message from Angels

Can one’s life be reduced to just one number – number of angels that can be used, as the numerologist would like to point out, to explain our spiritual and life path? And what does the number of angels reveal about someone, can it reveal their real destiny and purpose?

Angel numbers experts say yes, because angel numbers are ancient like humanity, and ancient men have also used angel numbers as a guide in everyday life.

The numerologist also likes to point out that every man has his own unique number of angels, who can see his main way of life and the possibilities that he can (or cannot) use.

Angel number 49 – what does that mean?

So if their life doesn’t look attractive, they work in the long run. Through patient and persistent work, they can make changes, usually small, but with long-term consequences. This angelic number is because one thing is different from others, and what separates them is that they are usually the first to support others (usually the ones who need it) and the best shoulder to cry on.

Their motto is that when you lay firm foundations, you can build everything to the end and make real changes in the world. But sometimes they can sabotage themselves and never realize their full potential.

Angel number 49 represents the person whose paths may be naive and tumultuous, but that number of angels can also have a happy and prosperous life.

This number loves to travel, and the numerologist says that his life is full of trips and literal journeys of the soul, which give them broad horizons, and these are the philosophers, researchers, and most powerful people with excellent tolerance. They are great humanists and have an extremely open mind, always follow their ideals and know how to overcome the problem. They are courageous and they love people.

The negativity in their lives can come from bad energies that others transmit, the number 49 is like a language that absorbs all emotions, which can be disastrous for them.

The secret meaning

This number is composed of two basic numbers – four and nine, and can be observed through its characteristics. Safety and firmness come from the number four, but also bad luck. But there is the number nine there, so the situation is not so dangerous and desperate – nine is the number that belongs to a series of sacred numbers, the angel number nine always brings promises for a better and spiritual life.

This number brings idealism and nobility to number 49, and it is also connected with those who are underprivileged in society.

We should mention that some angel numerologist says that this number belongs to a series of neutral numbers – which means they have no luck or bad luck for the bearer of the number, there is a possibility for both.

The number 49 can be analytical and plan carefully all the steps necessary to achieve its goals; this is the way to success.


This number is not considered a great lover. In angelical numerology, there are only a few numbers that can be combined perfectly with the number 49, but this number can also establish a stable relationship with a wide variety of numbers.

This number is very stubborn and does not like to compromise love relationships. This number of angels can often find true love in later, mature years when it can overcome their weaknesses and bad habits.

Interesting facts

In examining the date of birth of many famous humanitarians, they were the number 49 in the numerology of angels.

These people were and still are focused on their goals; they don’t stop until they reach their goal, and their main goal is to help humanity, but through small common steps like donating money, feeding the hungry, just everyday activities that may seem small but are not.

They are not the most famous humanitarian who are known around the world, but they help a lot in their local communities and are very well remembered and loved. An interesting fact is that also a South American charitable organization has been called “49 angels”, which represents a great symbolism.


You won’t find this number very often, but when you do, try to focus on what you see, and this information about angels has something to do with your realistic everyday desires – try to remember what they are. They may be small acts of daily kindness, something we should all do, but somehow we simply forget.

But make no mistake, this number can also indicate that a significant change for all of humanity and that change can begin with you. This number is associated with pragmatism; therefore, the best possible way to achieve your goals is through pragmatic actions, and once you start, it will become your daily routine.

Angels are suggesting not to shy away from joining humanitarian and charitable organizations; helping strangers and the homeless. During this time you will certainly inspire others, the angels say.

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