Angel Number 7: Message from Angels

In the numerology of angels, for just a few numbers, we can say that it is truly perfect. Number seven is one of those figures. It symbolizes all positive and valuable matter existing, such as prosperous life, happiness, renewal and perfection.

Some numerologists even believe that the number seven is so perfect and powerful that it represents a connection with the universe. A door that enters a realm beyond our reach, with all the answers to the known and unknown world. In that world, we can receive answers to the questions that bother us all.

Angel number 7 – what does that mean?

There is practically no single culture in the history of the world in which the number seven does not play a cosmic role, nor is there a religion in which the number seven is not positive. When you look at ancient scripts, Egyptian hieroglyphics, or religious files, you will notice the number 7 that appears more than any other number, and in almost every case it represents a good sign.

The number seven is one of the most mysterious and secret numbers known to the human species, and this is repeated continuously in all religious texts where the number 7 is placed on the pedestal. Why is that? Well, first of all, there is the daily use of it; it is a free number which is not only a Mersenne free number (2 in 3 – 1 = 7), but a double Mersenne free number since number 3, which is its exponent, is also a Mersenne free number. This calculation is not its only meaning in mathematics. Few numbers are a double Mersenne number.

The Babylonians, who otherwise worshiped the gods, have their mythological creatures, myths, etc. But they also invented something that we use until today. They divided the week into seven days (hence: one week). Why? They observe the moon, stars, sun and come to an agreement that 7 is such a powerful number that they have perfectly divided their week into seven days.

Since the calendar has always been essential in all religions (remember how persistent the Orthodox Church is in the use of the Julian calendar), the division of the week was something the religious authors considered to demand a cosmic and supernatural clarification. They found capacity in that number of angels, and it was not without reason.

The secret meaning

Unlike the numbers of previous angels, from 1 to 6, which represent instability and raise questions, with the number of angels 7, we enter a unique and entirely new dimension that serves only as a bridge between the angel and our world.

The people who are the number seven angel are considered reserved, confident, analytical, mysterious and incredibly wise. They are in constant search of answers to the final philosophical questions. The sevens have a firm faith, like to be secret and are great at keeping secrets.

Although sometimes sevens can act very seriously, remotely, and coldly, they are hiding things, keeping secrets, analyzing, and collecting all the hidden information that can help them understand not only life but also the mysterious unknown world.

Her constant need to raise questions to always be in doubt makes them perfect for work involving research, so she can be a great detective, geologist, archaeologist, astronomer, analyst and sevens skilled in computers or any modern technology.

The symbol of the seven is a combination of squares and triangles, her corresponding planet is Uranus, and the colors considered to belong to sevens are pearl white, purple and red. Number seven precious stones and minerals are pink quartz and seven love bright yellow sunflowers.


Seven is a person who always expresses his attitude, but also behaves as if he does not need anyone. Sometimes seven can be mysterious and hide their true feelings, which can be a problem for loved ones. It is also true, as numerologists say, that sevens can be lonely, but this does not prevent them from having meaningful relationships.

Another problem that almost all seven faces are the constant avoidance of conflict – as soon as angel number seven feels that a discussion can turn into something bigger, seven is walking away. That is why it is so difficult for the environment to understand its extremely complicated nature.

On the other hand, seven must keep in mind that all these resources are extremely undesirable when it comes to relationships with other people! This is why it is recommended that the angel number seven avoid self-pity and do not overload the feelings and thoughts of other people, especially your potential emotional partners, but leave the moment aside and make the best of it.

Interesting facts

The important symbolism of the number seven can be found in all the great civilizations and religions of the world. And it is not hard to guess why people found the esoteric symbolism in number seven. We have seven days a week, seven degrees of improvement, seven spheres or heaven, seven rose petals, and there were gods and seven samurai, etc.

Seven is a blessed number of angels and generally brings happiness. In the great ancient civilizations, beginning with the Egyptian, seven were the symbol of eternal life, a complete cycle and dynamic perfection. And in the Sumerian civilization, seven appear as a powerful number and reflect achievements.

In Iran, even today, when the baby is born, seven kinds of fruits and seven kinds of aromatic seeds are put on the mat, and the child is usually named on the seventh day. Many Greek teachings and legends contain the number seven. For the Indians, seven is the cosmic coordinate of humans. The ancient Mayans put the seventh day in the middle of the 13-day week and are seen as a happy day. Inca civilization has divided everything into 7 parts. With the new religions, seven also play a significant role.

This is a necessary number for the Apollo cult, in which festivals were celebrated on the seventh day of the month. In China, the festivities were generally held on the seventh day. In Buddhism, there are seven signs of Buddha. When he was born, Buddha measured the universe by taking seven steps in each of the four directions. The Egyptians believed that there were seven paths to heaven. In the Christian religion, when the theological virtues are added; faith, hope, mercy, caution, moderation, righteousness and strength (total of seven), we obtain the universality of moral life. God created the world for six days; he rested on the seventh day, making it a holy day.

In the Bible, the candlestick always has seven branches; there are seven heavens in which the angels live. In the Old Testament, the number seven appears 77 times. In Islam, seven is also a lucky number; it represents a symbol of perfection. The Muslim mystics claim that the Koran has seven meanings.

The alchemists thought (and perhaps still think) that there is a clear parallel between the seven steps that needed to be taken to enter Solomon’s temple and the seven successive stages of chemical and spiritual purification.

Hippocrates said that the seven secrets keep all things in existence and order. They allow life and movement; they have influence even over everything we can find in the known and unknown universe.


We can look at number seven as a teacher who gives us a valuable lesson – I will dedicate my life to searching for the truth and answers, and I want to pass that on to you. I will go beyond the known world to find it.

In Japan, the seven gods bring happiness. Hindi philosophy believes that by the age of seven you can reach the multiverse (a collection of all universes).

If you see a sequence of sevens, it is even better. It can represent an incredibly lucky series that brings happiness, material fortune, blessings, etc. In Europe, Pythagoreans believed that the number seven symbolically indicates God’s unity with the universe.

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