Angel Number 72: Message from Angels

Numerologists often say that there is a real reason why we are attracted or repelled by certain numbers. You usually hear someone say: I hate that number or I love that number which is so beautiful that it is my lucky number. We all know people who always bet on the same numbers, etc.

The numerologist says that angel numbers have energy that can change attitudes, circumstances of life, health conditions, energy field or aura of a person.

It is also very common for someone’s personality to change over the years; and the intensity of the number changes (for example, from influencing with bad energy to having a lucky influence on the “owner”).

Angel number 72 – what does that mean?

This number symbolizes change – these people experience change from the day they are born to death. It also expresses a change in their environment (people quickly pass and go through their lives, change jobs or move and travel a lot).

These individuals rarely get bored, and the atmosphere of a picturesque family home is easily created with them.

They considered themselves fertile (literally and metaphorically). It is not uncommon for the number 72 angel to work at home or work at home and have an interest in technology, travel, alternative medicine and astrology.

Because of hurry and deadlines, they often make bad business decisions and must go from scratch and, in relationships, may depend too much on others.

To strengthen the positive and reduce the negative impact of the number 72 on life, the numerologist recommends that you practice meditation to clarify your thoughts and let light into your lives and get rid of unnecessary things.

The nature of angel number 72 has two sides. They have charisma, reputation, respect, but also competitive spirit, sport and playing preferences – which can lead to sins and excesses. So good and bad angels are there, and sometimes it’s hard for them to stay on one side.

Health problems can be a problem for them – it is recommended that they take care of their lung, skin and stomach because they are genetically predisposed to these problems.

The secret meaning

This angelic number consists of two solid numbers 7 and 2. The number seven is considered the winning number and is connected to happiness and great opportunities in life which can be translated into number 72 (number 7 is more dominant in number 72 then the angel number two). The people who are the angels number 72 in the numerology of angels are charming and attractive.

They are intellectual, intuitive, wise and valuable people. These people seek truth and wisdom in everything, and do so all the time, daily. They are spiritual and mysterious; they hate gossip and money does not mean much to them. Number 72 are individuals who understand other people in their environment. They are great organizers, have a powerful mind and natural wisdom. They don’t like people who lie and talk about bad things about others.

In addition, we should mention that angel number 72 can be seen through number 9, which represents the sum of angel numbers 7 and 2. Nine, as we said earlier, symbolizes courage and fidelity. This number is governed by Mars, and this gives the number 72 a competitive and durable spirit. They can face any problem because of their strong will and character.

These people, in addition to being courageous, also have a developed sense of spiritual discipline and tend to do so.


Angel number 72 is very selective in love and friendship. They are considered lonely and seek perfection, the smallest thing that can distract them. This characteristic can be very unattractive to relationships; no one likes to be with someone demanding and authoritarian.

They do not like the idea of marriage or anything that legally binds them to just one person; their attitude in life and in the relationship can be a little critical and inhibited. This circumstance is an unfortunate trait for angel number 72, because he has much to offer as a partner and as a father.

It is essential that these characters find someone who does not have high expectations of a partner and who allows them to be an alpha partner in a relationship.

Angel number 72 should be the leading actor in a relationship, friendship and workplace. This characteristic is most prominent in love relationships; that is why they have only a few significant “connections” in life.

Interesting facts

The first and most important interesting thing about number 72 is that it has an immense connection with Christianity and the Holy Bible. From some sources, this number appears so often in the Bible, which is the most important number in the Holy Book. So it is, for some, a representation of the earth and everything on it, every living thing. In the Old Testament, we can find in “The Will of Abraham”, mentioning the 72 dead and, in part, “The Life of Adam and Eve” mentioning the 72 diseases. In the Bible, we can find mention of the 72 disciples sent by Jesus. Then we can also find 72 ancient ones who accompany Moses and later receive the Holy Spirit.

Interestingly, the number 72 of a Bible is also a number of races that Noah saved in his boat.


When you see this number in your everyday life, the angels are trying to tell you two things. First, your life lacks real spirituality, and you must deal with it as quickly as possible – in order to grow as a human being.

Your life, beyond material things and pleasures, needs to be filled with other essential material that feeds the soul and mind.

The second point that this number is referring to is much more realistic. Try to broaden your daily routine with the act of kindness, because sometimes you completely forget your environment and the people around you who need it. Your little can mean a lot to someone, angels say.

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