Angel Number 77: Message from Angels

The numerology of angels is defined as a theory of numbers, and numbers are factors that determine a person’s life and destiny. This discipline is very old and has never lost its popularity, from ancient times until today, because humans have never lost interest in trying to understand the unpredictable nature of life.

So people like to know what will happen to them, where their life is going and how it will end, and the numerology of angels allows them to do just that.

As a reminder we will say that different energies manage angel numbers from 0 to 9 and are called integral numbers or basic figures in numerology. The two-digit angular number also has its own properties, but is affected by the integral numbers from which they are made.

And finally, two-digit angel numbers with the same figure are something extraordinary – with their unique and extraordinary energy abilities.

Many people have claimed that numerology has helped them in their lives, in difficult times (facing the death of loved ones or illnesses) or at times when they needed to make a decision or when they were on the path to self-discovery.

Many reported that they benefited from the corrective measures proposed by numerologists – they provided interpretations of the numbers and provided information to better understand the numerology of angels and its impact.

Angel number 77 – what does that mean?

When we look at number 77, we have no doubt that that number has strong skills. It is composed of two sevens and can be seen through the character of the lucky number 7. The meaning of the number seven means that the bearer of the person is on the right path in life and that the “right path” should continue.

Angel number 77 is someone who knows that he is the bearer of an increasingly pronounced message from the divine world and that his life has great importance.

People who belong to this number are prone to analyze and create, and have a constant desire to send their emotions and thoughts to the world. Their shortcomings are uncertainty, personal doubt and vulnerability. The inner fear of leaving (number 77 fears that he will be abandoned and that deep, dark emotions are making him very inaccessible and reserved). This fear is more likely to occur at an early age, for example in the early twenties.

However, when they accept themselves, a significant transformation of their personality is followed. Then they become aware of their strengths, noble and more tolerant, find relaxation, and if they find someone who will join them on the journey of self-discovery, they will become extraordinary personalities.

People with that number are mysterious, withdrawn with secrets and very closed in communication. They hardly show their feelings and are very mysterious to the opposite sex. Perhaps many angels number 77 seem uninteresting and indifferent to others. But, essentially, this is not the case, because in them lies the avalanche of emotions and great qualities.

The secret meaning

In the previous section, we mentioned many great qualities attributed to angel number 77. But things in angel numerology are never so simple. There are many hidden meanings and symbolisms in number 77. Like all numbers, number 77 is also under the influence of the solar system, more specifically the planets, and in this case we are talking about the planet Saturn.

This correlation is involved in the form of planetary karma, and karma can take the price of the carrier to pay, it can be a reward or punishment. There is a small percentage in angel number 77 that falls into the category of bad karma and will receive punishment for past life mistakes.

They are people of solid character, related to the material world, but they are not the kind who love money more than anything, but people interested in real life qualities. The planet Saturn also brings obstacles to number 77, many restrictions, frustration and, most importantly, fear.

This fear is not irrational, because these people’s lives are full of complications, nothing goes hand in hand until they get better, until they become disciplined and responsible, and until they understand that persistence is their strongest ally.

We should add here a remark about their problems in the early years of their lives – fear of failure, abandonment, loss, misfortune, illness and death. At an early age, they are burdened with fear, and it takes them years to learn how to overcome it.

This number should be cautious, but it does not mean that there is no love and progress. It has a lot, but it is much harder to find and when it arrives it becomes more stable than any other number.

The reason is that these people are fighters, great workers, and they can assign a great deal of merit in their lives to themselves and their ten fingers. Number 77 gets nothing for free; they can be very disciplined in every respect and never be without one of the obligations.

That said, it is clear that number 77 belongs to the category of the most complicated and “difficult to understand” numbers in the numerology of angels.


Love represents a variety of feelings, states and attitudes that change from interpersonal relationships (love for mother, father, brother, family member) to satisfaction (I love this color, place, book). Love can also be a virtue that represents kindness, compassion and human attachment. The ancient Greeks identified four forms of love: relationship or familiarity, friendship (filial), sexual and romantic desire (eros) and divine love (agape).

Angel number 77 during his life is blessed to have the opportunity to feel all four forms of love. This blessing is so rare, that it is one of the things united exclusively to number 77. Of course, one of the last and sublime Love of life is romantic love, and some would say that this is a true path to the divine and universal love.

Love for number 77 is not only a common aspect of everyday life, but much more than that. Sometimes they are involved with characters incompatible with them.

The disadvantage of merging with love is that sometimes they forget other aspects of life, neglect them, etc. It is not always beneficial to put emotions above material interests.

Interesting facts

The number 77 has, due to its specific nature, many interesting meanings. First, it was considered to be one of the most powerful double numbers in angelic numerology. The number 7, as we mentioned many times before, is a sacred number and brings happiness, is a symbol of eternal life and perfection. This immense power is doubled in number 77, and numerous ancient civilizations worshipped that number.

Second, the number 77 has a strong biblical connotation, and appears many times in the holy book – in the Old Testament, the number seven appears exactly 77 times, and referred to a number that is the key to revelation.


We have already said that the most powerful angelic messages are sent through the same series of numbers (like 11, 22,666 etc.) and the 77 (or 777, 7777 etc.). – more sevens exist in line, the most powerful message becomes ) The combination of a set of figures 77 shows the significant support of the kingdom of Angels.

The experiences and lessons learned have an important role to play in the course of life, remind the angels of this message. It is considered a very happy sign for a person, but not in the expected way, but in a more sublime way.

More specifically, the angel’s information is – There is light in the darkness! They are saying that we are all children of light and that a star shines for all of us because our path needs light. Wherever you go, divine light touches you. Wherever you stay, you can see this light and go. Even in the darkest hours and the most difficult circumstances, follow the light, the light is in you.

After seeing the divine number 77, you will be able to see it even with your eyes closed, in the dark, and when the light from the sky awakens the day.

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