Dream of Dragon

Dreaming of a dragon is not a bad omen, on the contrary he can show you his true friends. You will see that many people around you like you and worship you, because you can influence them.

Your presence fills them with positivity and many would do anything to protect you.

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What does it mean to dream of Dragon?

If you dreamed of a dragon it means that you are a very influential person among your friends and also relatives. The people around you will always want to protect you from any threats, because they acted as your guards.

Dreaming of a dragon also symbolizes that you will be able to realize your dreams and goals in a short period of time. This is why anyone who dreams of them should always be grateful for the dream.

It also indicates that you are someone with passionate tendencies and can come to be guided only by your heart. In love relationships it can be dangerous and lead to various love disillusions.

With dragon flying

Dreaming of Dragon means that you will achieve all your goals and dreams in a short period of time. It will be the time to keep your faith and work with great patience in solving your problems.

It will be a time of much battle and determination, that is, a phase in which you will have to prove your worth to everyone. For yourself and others, however, it will be essential to work on your evolution.

The moment you are able to solve everything you desire, you will have a good time to enjoy success. It will be time to recharge your energies and enjoy family, friends and yourself.

With dead dragon

Dreaming of Dragon means opening paths in the field of love, that is, it is the time to enjoy. The time will be suitable for loving reconciliations and also for seeking contact with friends who are far away.

It doesn’t matter how this dragon died, because in general terms the meaning will be no different. No matter how wrong the other party is, it is always the right time to get back in touch and give it a second chance.

Especially in relation to love, because reconciliations can be very long-lasting and the opportunity can be unique. It is the time to enjoy all that life is offering you through this dream.

With many dragons

If you dream of more than one dragon it is essential to pay close attention to your relationship. If you stay away for a long time the chance of a definite breakup is very great.

In some millenary mythologies dragons mean protection to men, that is, the dream is just that. You are being warned that you must do something not to lose your love.

Without a doubt, if you keep your closeness and especially the flame of love, your relationship will enter a very good phase. Dreams of many dragons can also mean that a time of wisdom is to come.

Dream that you fight and defeat a dragon

Dreaming of fighting and defeating a dragon means that although the fight is great, victory will come soon. All your dreams, goals and objectives will be achieved by you once and for all.

Your opponents will meet a new person and you will be the winner, because you will know how to take the opportunity. As bloody as the fight was, you managed to win and came out with your head held high.

And best of all, they will have the opportunity to learn from you, because a good winner always teaches the loser. You won’t step on anyone and you can even win friends on your journey.

Dream that flies on a dragon’s back

Dreaming of flying on a dragon’s back will have a double meaning, it could be both a warning for you to stop being guided by anger. However, it will also act as a harbinger that you will be able to solve the problems.

It is essential that you move on to follow your life in a different way and toast this new time. Either way you will have the opportunity to overcome all your problems.

Dragon’s a good thing or a bad thing?

In all the explanations it was possible to realize that dreaming about a dragon is a good thing. With a deeper analysis you will conclude that this kind of dream works as a warning. They are so our protectors that they can warn us of the time to change, to be patient and even to pay attention.

As frightening as the dream may seem, it is important to cling to its meaning and forget the rest. To follow with faith and take advantage of opportunities are always very wise attitudes in any situation. Happy is the one who can believe and work on the evolution of your life as a whole.

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