Dreaming about aquarium

Dreaming about aquarium can have double meaning, depending on the content present in the dream.

As we know, dreams are one of the ways our subconscious warns us, indirectly, about personal internal issues.

Therefore, dreaming about aquariums can mean positive or negative factors in our lives, according to the context of the dream.

Dreaming with aquarium

This dream may have several contexts, such as:

  • Positive changes;
  • Internal conflicts;

It all depends on what the dream is like, for example how the water is, whether it was empty or full of life, external appearance of the tank, etc..

In this way, aquarium dreams can indirectly tell us more about our conditions and how we have perceived the world around us.

Some examples of aquarium dreams:

That you observe inside an aquarium

Dreaming that you are inside an aquarium, watching it, can mean a difficulty to get rid of the past.

It is a sign that we must live the present moment and free ourselves for a new life experience.

Dreaming that you’re buying or selling a tank

Dreaming that you are buying an aquarium can mean an anxiety for new things in life, that there is a desire for new experiences or opportunities.

Dreaming that you are selling a tank can mean a desire to help a close person who is in a difficult time in their life, and that it will be rewarding to help them at this time.

With a large or small aquarium

The dream of a large and vast aquarium can symbolize that it is the ideal time to resolve conflicts with family members and strengthen the ties we have with those close to us.

It means that this is a good time to invest in interpersonal relationships.

The dream of a small aquarium means a bad moment, with difficulties to relate with relatives or people around.

A small aquarium in the dream can mean the need to strengthen ties with a person who can help us go through a difficult time in our lives.

Dreaming that you are swimming in a tank

When we dream that we are swimming in an aquarium, it can mean our dependence on the present moment, and the fears that we have of losing the people close to us or living conditions.

This kind of dream can occur with people who feel insecure about themselves, and who wish to have more confidence in themselves.

Dreaming with a tank full of fish

When we are at a good time in our lives, being able to navigate through it without friction with the people around us and following the difficulties with good conditions, we can dream of an aquarium full of fish and life.

The variety of fish, their colors and diversity can mean something positive too, like the presence of several trips, parties and joys in our lives.

With a tank full of fish and reptiles

Dreaming of an aquarium that not only contains a wide variety of fish, but also reptiles occurs with people who are getting rid of financial problems, and usually has positive tendencies.

The main meaning of this dream is that soon the person will find professional success and get rid of debts.

Dreaming of a broken tank or one that is breaking one.

An aquarium, however beautiful it may be, can represent a prison for the beings who inhabit it. It limits space and freedom to move on.

In this way, dreaming of a broken aquarium can mean a moment of interpersonal freedom.

The person who dreams of a broken tank can finally get rid of emotions that trap them, and it is a sign that they can handle those emotions better.

It also means that it is the right time to create new plans and run after new goals and experiences.

However, if the dream involves that you are personally breaking a tank, it means that you must take care of the people around you.

It can be an indication from your subconscious that someone is trying to harm you, especially in the work environment.

Dreaming about the shape, color and water state of a tank

One of the main compositions of an aquarium is water. It is where fish and life dwell. Therefore, when we dream of an aquarium, we must pay attention to the quality of the water it contains.

A dream of an aquarium that has clear waters demonstrates a good spiritual state, mental purification and innovation.

However, when we dream of an aquarium with polluted waters, it can mean something dangerous.

As an example, a muddy, dirty water can mean health problems and bad habits of life. It is your subconscious saying that you need to rethink your habits and life choices.

Dark or dirty water has a more complex meaning, in which you realize that you are feeling trapped within your thoughts and circumstances.

It is an appropriate time for self-evaluation, stopping and taking a deep breath, and focusing on yourself primarily, leaving stress and pressure aside.

In this way, a simple dream can demonstrate various conditions of our body and consciousness, and we need to stick to the details present.

And this kind of condition is one of the reasons why we should focus on the possible messages present in an aquarium dream.

And what did you think about an aquarium dream? Did you feel like you were trying to send a message? Was it good or bad? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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