Dreaming about children

Dreaming of a child or ourselves as such can mean a very hidden and repressed desire to wish for certain things, or to fulfill dreams, but which at the moment are impossible.

Don’t forget, the interpretations of dreams can vary from person to person, it’s up to you to take a look at your life and try to interpret what is going on.

Dreaming with Child

Dreaming of a child may also represent a conscious or unconscious desire to postpone commitments or even run away from certain obligations and responsibilities in general. Since many adults miss this time because they do not have to deal with the serious issues of life.

Dreaming with child playing

Dreaming of children playing is extremely positive because they represent naivety, purity, frankness and so many other good aspects of life that we often end up forgetting because of the countless difficulties we go through.

Therefore, they can be meaningful: professional achievement and new job opportunities, unexpected trips to fantastic places, news of someone dear and distant about to return, pregnancy in the family, etc.

Dreaming with a child studying

Dreaming about a child studying can have two completely different meanings. The first interpretation suggests that we should never give up on our dreams, that it is always possible to start over and make a different future happen. Therefore, if it is the case, do not waste time and do everything to raise the dust, because the cosmos is in your favor.

Another interpretation that is not very common and that must be taken into account is that this type of dream is also associated with the dreamer’s intimate desire to carry out some activity related to the area of education. Especially if this dream awakens good feelings and awakens pleasure in a certain area of knowledge. Example: a child answering correctly to a question of history and this giving him/her satisfaction.

Dreaming with an unknown child

Did you dream about an absolutely unknown child? This may mean the need to focus your energies on new ideas, new projects and new concepts. Often at first this analysis may not have any meaning for you, but it is advisable to reflect on whether there are aspects that can be changed, that may be worth a change. In general, after asking this question, a main point will arise and you will know what to do.

Riding with a child in a dream

You were playing with a child in the dream? That’s a great dream! It means that you will have surprises or have wonderful experiences with your family or very close friends. In this case, the more children you are playing with in your dream, the better and more beautiful this experience will be.

Feeding child

Did you dream that you were feeding a child by preventing him from playing? There are two very different meanings to this kind of situation. Because if you feed that child with some kind of bad feeling, especially disgust (or even if that child vomits the food), it is a sign of professional stagnation.

However, if you are feeding this child with happiness (especially to the sound of laughter and games) then the meaning is completely the opposite of the previous interpretation, that is, be prepared because you will get that much desired promotion or even be invited to work in that dream job of yours, being valued and with much more remuneration.

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