Dreaming about rabbit

Have you been dreaming or dreaming about rabbit last night? What will be the symbolism behind these cute little animals? In general, dreaming about rabbit represents something good, magic, positivity.

So you can rest assured that this dream you had about rabbit will alert you that you will enter an important phase of life.

We cannot forget also that the rabbit is often related as a symbol of fertility. Therefore one has to understand the dream according to your feeling and the phase of life that you are going through.

Only we ourselves are capable of understanding some details of our lives and this also has to do with what we dream.

But let us now go deeper into the subject and know what it means to dream about rabbit?

What does it mean to dream about rabbit

The rabbit has a very interesting representation in the dreamlike universe. For some specialists,dreaming of rabbit means luck,creativity,possibility of contact with the unconscious and fertility are some of the representations.

Dreaming about rabbit can indicate that the dreamer will enter a good phase to reproduce, a fertile phase. Now for those who are not married and are not in a serious relationship they can interpret from the current phase on. For example,people who are in an important period at work,dreaming about rabbit can indicate luck in the realization of projects,and an awakening to creativity.

That is why we always like to stress the importance of the dreamer interpreting in a personal way, analyzing his moment, his sensations.

Dreaming with white rabbit

White represents peace, and dreaming of a light-colored rabbit indicates that the dreamer is, or very soon will be, in a happy relationship, where both share the importance of fidelity.

If this is your case, enjoy it, dreaming of a rabbit is only presenting this idea for you to relax and enjoy the good relationship.

Dream that you shoot a rabbit

Anyone who dreams they are shooting a rabbit should pay attention to how much they let people interfere in their life. Do you know those moments of “swallowing frogs” or letting outsiders influence your decisions? Then stay alert.

Besides not being positive at all, it represents that you are being weak. Take the reins of your life.

Dream of eating a rabbit

Eating rabbit in a dream means arrogance before people. It may represent that soon there will be some fight between friends or closer people. Be careful not to be unfair.

It is important to point out that dreaming about animals is always a representation of our extinct ones, so we should pay attention to these dreams because they are always important, they want to warn us of something.

Dreaming with rabbit’s foot

As many of you know, the rabbit’s foot in everyday life represents luck. So much so that some use it as an amulet. In the past, they were sold as keychains and stuff like that. And in their dreams they bring us the same thing: luck.

Dreaming of rabbit’s foot indicates prosperity, luck, magic… all those who dream of rabbit’s foot can celebrate, place bets or believe that soon they will achieve what they have been longing for.

See many rabbits in a dream

Whoever sees several rabbits together in a dream needs to observe if he is not being too impatient before life. Most likely you are going through some phase where you have to wait and of course this always causes some kind of discomfort, irritation.

But the rush is not always positive, it can get in the way and make you put your feet in your hands.

Dreaming of many rabbits also indicates that you should pay attention to the characteristics and attributes of this animal. All of them together indicate that you should notice what they have to contribute to your way of life.

Dreaming that you’re feeding a rabbit

Feeding a rabbit in a dream indicates that you should pay attention. There’s probably someone trying to get you out of the game. It could be in the work environment, in the college group… Anyway, it’s not a danger per se, but an alert for you to notice and act fast, at least to know how to defend yourself.

Watch your companies, your friendships, etc.

Dream of having a rabbit as a pet

Having a rabbit in your backyard, or having one as a pet indicates that maybe it’s the right time to change cities. For those who have grown up children, it’s the time to go and rest somewhere, since the children are grown up.

To see a rabbit playing in a dream

During the dream did you see a rabbit playing? That represents health, vitality, energy. It is a very good sign, that you are certainly in good health and can enjoy a calm, just moving on.

But it is important to point out that even when we are feeling well and healthy we should not leave aside the periodic exams.

Dreaming of rabbit has different meanings, but most of them with excellent symbolism for the dreamer!

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