Dreaming about sex

Dreaming about sex is certainly one of the most interesting and different experiences we can have. When we try to interpret the different situations we go through in our sleep, we can give you surprising answers!

Many times the fact of dreaming about sex is associated to the subconscious, that is, a way of our being expressing that we have sexual desires that are not being lived and, the worst, repressed in some way.

Whenever you dream about sex, think about how it can fit into your life. Surely there is a meaning that fits what you are going through, so use the details of the dream to turn the meaning into something more precise.

What it means to dream about sex

This kind of dream, depending on its whole context, should promote in the dreamer a reflection in order to give more flow to his own desires. This step is fundamental for us to have pleasure in our life, there is no way to live well by repressing ourselves.

This dream can mean some kind of curiosity or relate to other areas of your life that you cannot accept or understand. Look at yourself and make a self-appraisal, what do you want to do that you have not done?

Dreamed that you are enjoying sex

If you can remember details of this dream, including the fact that you had pleasure and if realized with the sexual act, this can mean the appearance of a new, unexpected and great love. Try to adjust your life to facilitate the appearance of this person, do not close your heart.

Dreams come to give us tips for the future in order to prepare us, but if you are not careful you may end up ruining this whole delicious situation. Let the new people get closer to you, if you allow yourself more.

A life without love is always a wasted life, think about that when you think about pushing away the new people that come to you.

Dream that you had sex, but it was a bad experience

If you have been through this situation there are two possible meanings: the first is that you may have some kind of hidden trauma and that you may be somehow blocking the pleasures in a general way in your life.  The second option may be a warning from the cosmos to pay more attention to your partner or a person who is interested in you.

In the first option you should seek therapy, this will certainly make a lot of difference in your life. Seek to unravel the knots of the past by finding new things that make you feel confident again in this area of your life.

Another important thing is that you also give your partner a little more attention, in case the relationship ends up lacking in affection there will be no more crying under spilled milk, think about it.

Dream of betraying your partner

This kind of dream does not have a direct meaning, that is, that it will actually betray your partner. It just indicates that your future is being changed at that moment and that one incredible person can come and get your attention, even if you have a commitment to another.

We suggest, however, that you have emotional responsibility at this time. Karma charges for all the bad things we do, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be betrayed, would you?

Don’t do to your partner what you wouldn’t want him to do to you. If you do, you may be charged when you least expect it. If there’s interest in someone new, separate yourself from the person you’re dealing with now first.

You may already know that person who will come into your life as a love, if you want to avoid this, be aware. This prediction does not say it is a safe exchange, but rather a change in your life.

Dreamed you made love to your superior

As in the above interpretation, this dream has no direct significance, only this associated with your inner desire for growth and professional recognition. However, note more details of the dream, for if it was a very quick act it may mean a fleeting growth in the area, while if the act is lasting, then it will mean long-term professional prosperity.

Between you and us, if you have thought in this way about your superior, it may be that the dream is only an indirect way for your brain to try to satisfy your desire in the only reasonable way. Be careful not to give in to temptation!

Stay open to new changes, you may need to change jobs at this time or something like that, do it without too much fear and in a short time you will get a very respectful place in society.

Dreaming about sex with a friend

This is a warning from the cosmos that expresses the importance of you paying more attention to this friend! With the things he says, what he does and the relationship he has with you. It may be that, without you noticing, he is interested in a courtship. Consider if this pleases you in any way.

Don’t accept it as a truth before you fix it, it may also be that this person is just a little needy. Talk to this person, see how he or she has been feeling in the last few days, don’t take our interpretation as truth without first noticing it.

Don’t go so far as to ask such direct questions of this person, it may hurt them. Dreaming about sex most of the time is delicate, it’s not very polite to say that to the person who was in bed with you in the dream.

Dream that you had sex with strange people

This can have two distinct meanings: the first is that someone very affectionate can enter your life and shake your feelings, arousing your interest. The other interpretation may indicate that you need to take some time alone or even take some time in your current relationship. Make an intimate reflection in the sense that you know which of the two interpretations is the most appropriate.

When people are in abusive relationships, dreams reveal a lot about it. Keep in mind that we cannot deny the signs from our body that we should leave the relationship.

Every time you go to think about taking an initiative, see if you are afraid of that person doing something with you, for example. Relationships need and must be healthy for them to continue to happen.

Dreaming about sex and pleasure

If you dream of pleasure it means that you are a person who lives in surrender to your own tastes. You are not attached to anything or anyone and that is right, but you should also consider that you need stable roots.

Most people who live without thinking about the future end up regretting it afterwards. We understand that pleasure in the dream should represent something good, like the attitude of doing what you want, but always keep in mind that responsibility should come first.

Dreaming about sex, as you can see, brings multiple meanings. When you have one of these dreams it is important that you search for the meaning when you wake up, which is the moment when and will remember everything that happened.

The meanings of dreams vary from situation to situation, that is, regardless of what kind of dream you had, you will have to remember the details to get a more accurate answer about what it means.

Use the meaning of dreaming about sex to improve your life. Follow the advice and use it to your advantage, that’s what the much talked about interpretations of dreams are for.

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