Dreaming about skateboarding

Dreaming about skateboarding is one of the most revealing dreams about our internal concerns and problems.

Dreams are part of everyone’s life and routine. There is much difficulty in remembering them clearly after a few hours, but they have the power to reveal much more than we imagine.

A good night’s sleep can yield good dreams, which can reveal much about the moment we spend, our deepest feelings, and prepare us for the challenges of everyday life.

In general, people who are experiencing difficulties or major concerns may have dreams that reveal that condition in an indirect way, such as dreaming about skateboarding.


Dreams with skateboarding usually occur when we go through difficult moments, with problems such as indecision, financial or professional concerns, among other difficulties.

It is a way for our subconscious to tell us that we need to calm down, take a deep breath and program ourselves better to get over the difficulties of the moment.

Among the various types of skateboarding dreams, we can see some examples, such as:

Dreaming by skateboarding

Dreaming that we are skateboarding, or seeing an acquaintance who is having a fall, may demonstrate uncertainty and insecurity regarding work or professional life.

It’s a sign that we may have doubts about our working life, difficulties in getting a job, or losing a job.

People who have dreams of skateboarding falls tend to fear for their success in working life and show difficulty in creating confidence in their work.

Dreaming about skateboarding tracks or parks

This kind of dream is a little different from the general picture of skateboarding dreams.

Although dreaming about skateboarding tracks or parks demonstrates that the person may be experiencing problems and difficulties, it also means that the person is relying on solving these problems.

There are several situations and difficulties that we can go through in our lives, but by looking more calmly and trying to work on the root of the problems, we can realize that they are not always a big seven-headed problem.

The dream of clues or parks can reveal that the person is already mentally prepared to deal with these situations, and has several ways to solve the problems that afflict them. It demonstrates creativity and personal confidence, which is one of the best conditions for solving people’s problems.

Dreaming while skateboarding

Skateboarding can be both a means of transportation and a sport. Nothing like feeling the adrenaline of skateboarding.

However, the dream of skateboarding has a distinct meaning.

People who are in great difficulty and have problems dealing with difficult situations can dream that they are skateboarding, which symbolizes their concern and uncertainty about their ability.

But still, as difficult as the situation may seem, the dream that they are skateboarding may symbolise that everything is fine, and that even if they don’t recognise it, they are coping well with their difficulties and just need more confidence in themselves.

Dreaming with skateboarding championships

Competitions demand concentration and focus from competitors. However, dreaming that you are watching a skateboarding competition can have an even deeper meaning.

When a person is going through a complicated phase, with so many worries and problems and can’t concentrate on anything, has difficulties to define what their priorities are, it is common to dream that they are watching a skateboarding championship.

It’s as if every worry, every problem, becomes one of the competitors, and the person watching simply can’t define who to cheer for.

The root of this dream can be a lack of prioritization and organization, in difficulty to define a goal and conclude a goal.

Therefore, this is a moment of self-reflection, taking a deep breath and analyzing what are the causes of so many concerns, and in this way, taking care of them one by one.

In general, dreams tend to demonstrate in an indirect way what we feel in our subconscious.

We may know, however, that we do not recognize these conditions directly, and dreaming about skateboarding is one way of telling ourselves what we feel.

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