Dreaming of a lion

You’ve come from Google and you’re looking for the meaning of dreaming about a lion? So stay tuned, because today I’m going to decipher various dreams for those who dream about this animal.

Considered king among all the animals in the forest, the lion is a brave, ferocious animal, leader among his own and of great self-esteem, so when we dream about the emblematic figure of the lion we have to pay attention to the small details, then seeking the best interpretation.

But what does it mean to dream of a lion in general?

So if you have a dream about this animal it may mean that you have to have control over certain people or even a need to lead something or some situation.

Have you ever dreamed of the figure of a lion in any publication?

In general when we dream about the lion in some publication (newspapers, magazines, internet articles, etc) it means that we are being very authoritarian with people in life and we need to change so as not to hurt anyone, nor suffocate them.

Make a sincere analysis of your behaviour with others and see if it is the right time to change.

Did you think you kill a lion?

This kind of dream is a representation of your inner strength, that is, you must seize the moment to take winning attitudes, with focus and faith! For you will certainly succeed. Use and abuse your charisma and leadership for this!

Did you dream that you are killed by a lion?

When you are killed by a lion in your dream, the meaning is exactly the opposite of the interpretation of when you kill the lion, so it shows that you may be internally weakened, undecided and that it is not the right time to make very important decisions, because the chance of going wrong is great!

Make a careful analysis of your life and postpone decisions where you are not sure what to do.

Did you only dream about a dead lion?

This dream has multiple and different possible interpretations! If the lion awakens in you a sense of fear, even though you are dead, beware of the people around you. If the dead lion awakens in you pity and sadness, it is a sign that he has been keeping a secret for a long time and that it may be the moment to reveal it to someone.

If the lion was in a great state of decomposition, even with other animals approaching (vultures), it is a sign that there are negative thoughts hovering in your mind that are not doing you any good, eliminate them.

Did you hear a roaring lion?

When the lion roars in the forest is an action that such an animal does to demonstrate its power and drive away possible enemies! In true position of strength!

So if you’ve dreamed of a roaring lion, be very careful, as some enemy is approaching and may want to arm against you.

Did you dream that you’re running from a lion?

Dreaming that you’re running from a lion doesn’t always mean something negative! At first it may mean that we are running away from our problems in life and that we must find a way to stop this persecution. But it can also mean just a simple internal escape.

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