Dreaming of a river

Dreaming of a river is something very special and can have many interpretations, but in general it means movement, freedom and peace of mind! A river can be calm, smooth, beautiful and refreshing, but at the same time it can be rebellious, dense, ugly and sometimes even suffocating!

The fact of dreaming of a river requires patience from the person, for he will need to observe every detail of the dream to try to find for himself a meaning for all that:

Dreaming with river

The condition of the river water is fundamental for us to understand the real meaning of the dream. Therefore, if it was clean or clear it means that any interpretation of that dream will be positive, however if it was dirty or dark then any interpretation of it will be negative.

In the case of the dirty or dark river, if it is possible observe if there are fish and how they react to pollution. For their reaction may represent something you need to do.

Did you feel a calm or rough river?

If you have dreamed of the calm and clean river it is a sign that you will experience a period of peace in your life. But if the river is calm and dirty, it means that you are wasting time in some situation in life.

If you have dreamed of a calm and clean river it is a sign that your life is flowing in the right way, keep doing things the way you already do! But if you have dreamt of a rough and dirty river it is a sign that you are being too hasty in some situation in life. Be more patient and remember: haste is the enemy of perfection.

Did you dream of swimming in the river?

Dreaming that we are swimming in the river means that we would like to get rid of a certain issue, especially if we are swimming naked.

Dreamed you were sailing in the river?

If you are in favor of the current it is a sign that money will reach you in a surprising way and in a short time you will have plenty in your life! But if you dreamed that you were sailing on a river against the current it is a sign of financial loss. Stay tuned!

Did you dream you were fishing on the river?

What counts here is the act itself and not the size of the fish or the amount of fish it caught! This kind of dream shows that we can travel soon. Consider a family trip!

Dreamed of a dry river?

This may mean that your life has reached a point of stagnation, after all if the river has dried up your emotions may have dried up too! Your dreams and projects have been put off too long and you may be out of perspective, but there is still room to make new plans! Think about it!

Drowned in the river?

If you have drowned in a clear or clean river it is a sign that your soul is being renewed, relax! But if you drowned in a dark or dirty river it’s a sign that your subconscious is suffering from some kind of remorse, don’t be ashamed to ask for forgiveness or apologies!

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