Dreaming of alligator

Dreams can be positive or negative signals or even indicate our hidden desires. Surely you have already dreamed something and then come to make sense of it in your life? Dreaming about an alligator indicates falsity, because that is what alligators are like in real life.

Let’s take a closer look at some of what it means to dream about alligator…

Dreaming with alligator on earth or in water

If you dream about the caiman in the water this is not a good sign, it is not by chance that it is in the water that this reptile gives itself beautifully and is faster and more treacherous, because it stays hidden until its hurry arrives.

This dream indicates that your enemy will be able to defeat you, but if the alligator is on earth it indicates that the moment is favorable for you, since the animal on earth is quite defenseless. That’s why you’ll be able to win…

Dreaming you’re running from the caiman

Did you have a dream that you saw yourself running away from this dreaded reptile? If you had such a dream, it indicates that you have been running away from some situation in real life. Try to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Running away from trouble never works.

Dream that you eat alligator

It means that you will overcome your fears or even overcome that very difficult situation. Always keep an eye out for new situations that may arise, so it will be easier to overcome.

Dreaming about killing an alligator has the same meaning.

Dreaming that it fights an alligator

If you dreamed you were fighting this reptile, it doesn’t mean anything concrete. Just see the alligator as your enemy, either one of you can win.

Above all, it indicates that you will face someone who doesn’t like you, and one of you will be the winner.

Dream with blue alligator

Just as the blue alligator is rare, dreaming of the alligator in this colour is a very rare dream and one of the best we can have.

If you had a dream about this blue reptile, it indicates that you are afraid of something beneficial for you. All the changes in our life can make us feel uncomfortable especially in the first days, but it can be very beneficial for us, right?

Go your way, if you have that desire.

Dream with alligator cub

Here you have no reason to be afraid, as it indicates that you will have a small problem in your life that is very easy to solve. It could be a small discussion, a disagreement that will soon be all right.

Think about it and take it easy above all else.

Dreaming with dead alligators

The end of a problem that has been giving you headaches may be coming to an end. For a dead alligator won’t kill a fly, so his enemy will soon be raising the white flag…

Be calm, let it roll, for at some point he will give up.

In general, dreaming of alligator means falsehood… but always think that a dream is only a sign from beyond.

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