Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend means there’s some unresolved stuff left between you.

It may also indicate that you were left with some kind of trauma after the relationship ended.

But if you came to this site it was to try to interpret the meaning of dreaming about your ex, correct? Ready to find out?…

What’s the Meaning of Dreaming of ex-boyfriend?

It can be very unpleasant if you have a boyfriend or even are already married (a), because dreaming of an old love can even shake your current relationship…

Why do you keep dreaming about your ex? So suddenly it symbolizes that something between you is pending, at least on your part.

The answer is inside you, I bet you know why you dream about your ex, stop, and ask yourself.

This is generally my way of interpreting dreams with ex-boyfriends, but there are other ways of knowing what they indicate. Let’s understand.

Dreaming about ex-boyfriend from childhood

When you see your childhood boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream, it may indicate a longing for when everything was pink, and the only thing on your mind was being happy. (Are you happy?)

Dreaming that you want to go back with your ex-boyfriend

Don’t worry if you dreamed that you want to come back with your ex… Because in fact this dream only symbolizes that you are ready for a new relationship, or that you need affection,… Let new people into your life. And take it easy.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend in the hospital

Although this dream is strong to say the least, it only indicates that there are things still unresolved between you. That’s why it’s often common to see our ex patient even near death. This is to give us that shock and make us wake up to what we really want.

If you have something pending with your ex-boyfriend, and you got your heart broken after the dream, don’t look back, go and fix it right away.

Dream of talking to your ex-boyfriend

Here you can indicate that you had a good relationship in the past and that above all you were real friends.

Perhaps you are in need of true love or even a good friendship between the two of you. (Since it didn’t work out in love, it can work out in friendship, for it is possible to love a friend).

Kissing your ex-boyfriend

Dreaming that you kiss your ex represents that you still have a special affection for him or her. If there are things left unsaid, it’s time to do it. But don’t confuse friendship with love.
>h3>Dreaming about my boyfriend’s ex

This dream shows that you still don’t feel safe next to your boyfriend. You’ll have to analyze yourself and see what is causing jealousy and insecurity.

Never let these negative feelings get in the way of your relationship.

Thank your ex-boyfriend

This dream is sometimes very common especially when there is a recent breakup.

The dream means that there is still great anger. Try to apologize and give up thinking about things from the past. The past has to stay in the past.

Meaning to dream that you’re still happy with your ex-boyfriend

No doubt this shows that you still feel some kind of affection for your ex-boyfriend. Or if you have a new boyfriend, this dream may indicate that the life you are leading with your new boyfriend is not the one you want for yourself… (so dreaming about the happy ex)…

If you have constant dreams that you are happy with your ex, think carefully about what is really there in your heart, because there is a chance that your heart likes him but your mind for some reason does not want to give the arm to twist.

Get it all sorted out! Don’t live in the past, sometimes the best thing is to go to the past and bring it to the present…in case it still makes sense.

Generally speaking, dreaming about your ex-boyfriend almost always means something pending between you, or you may want to show that the case is solved, it all depends on how you dreamed it.

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