Dreaming of an ounce

The jaguar is one of nature’s most beautiful animals! Besides its physical and exotic beauty, it has several interesting qualities, such as: strength, speed, agility, perseverance, vigour, sharp claws, etc.

In other words, dreaming of an ounce in general is a positive dream, because it is a harbinger of good health and vitality.

To understand better and thus be able to interpret your dream properly, we need to understand some central details, such as

The ounce was moving slowly?

Often in nature the jaguar makes slow movements, moving slowly, to be able to observe more carefully everything around it and choose decisively what it wants to do, whether to attack or even seek a place where it can shelter.

Therefore, dreaming of an ounce under these conditions means that if you are cunning and have the same attention as the ounce you will achieve all your goals.

However, note that whatever action you take, the ounce will never doubt your action, and so nothing can shake your faith or your will so that you can actually achieve those goals.

The ounce was lying down?

The lying down jaguar shows that despite all your cunning and attention at that moment you are relaxed, so it indicates that you will soon have a deserved moment of rest: vacations, invitations to travel, unexpected outings, etc.

The ounce was running?

In that case it will be very important that you try to remember the details of your dream! Then the meanings can change!

If she was running because she was running away from something, it means that in real life you too want to run away from some embarrassing situation or problem. Consider whether it’s really worth putting it off or whether it’s better to face the facts and get rid of the problem all at once. However, if she was running in your direction try to be careful with work situations. Someone may try to knock you out of your current position, especially if the jaguar is in an attacking position.

The ounce was tame?

The ounce is an extremely wild animal in nature and to see a tame ounce goes against the animal’s own instinctive principles.

This kind of dream is usually a kind of call for us to make a self reflection: are we being honest with ourselves or with others?

Are we being omitted in some situation in life? Reflect and find your own conclusion!

The ounce attacked you?

In this case, read what we have just said in this article about the ounce that runs in your direction, because it has the same meaning.

The ounce was painted or had only one color?

If the jaguar was painted, it shows that you have very noble qualities and that you should never give them up. If the jaguar had only one color, even light or dark, it means that you should leave aside some petty feelings that impede your evolution.

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