Dreaming of cabbage

Dreaming about cabbage can have several interpretations, in case you dreamed about cabbage and would like to know what this dream means this article is for you. Although it is a bit weird, or even seems unusual, it is possible that at some point cabbage appears in your dreams. And how to understand the symbolism of this delicious vegetable?

Widely used in everyday life, especially in winter for the preparation of green broth, cabbage is a very nutritious vegetable that also makes up an important Brazilian dish, the feijoada.

What it means to dream about cabbage

Although it is well seen in food, especially by nutritionists, when it goes to the universe of dreams cabbage has another symbolism, and is very much linked to the health and well-being of the dreamer.

Dreaming about cabbage has different meanings, and you will need to analyze it according to your feelings at the moment.

If you have dreamed about cabbage, let’s go deeper now into what this may mean.

Dreaming you’re eating cabbage

Cabbage, in general, is a warning to have attention to health for those who dream. Dreaming that you are eating cabbage represents a request, a greater attention to health issues.

Are you not eating too badly?

Buying cabbage in a dream

Dreaming that you are buying cabbage during a dream means a sign for you to persist more. If you don’t give up, you’ll probably get what you want, but you need willpower.

Crop of cabbage

The dream related to growing and planting cabbage means a betrayal related to some very close friend. You have to be careful to see that someone is not trying to pass you by.

If you dream that you are planting cabbage, it represents that the future will be surprising. Calm down, because you are on the right path, planting and you will reap good fruits of your effort.

Some experts also highlight the act of planting cabbage in a dream as the need to start from scratch. It’s like a time to reinvent yourself.

Seeing the cabbage planted on the spot represents that you are in a good time to change jobs. You may consider doing good business at this stage.

Cabbage leaf status

The dreamer must also be aware of the characteristics and condition of the cabbage leaves. In case you remember these details when you wake up, take a good look:

If in the dream the leaves were in a bad state, dry and lifeless, it represents a possible illness.

Huge leaves represent a concern related to sexual matters. Unlike small leaves, which symbolize a sudden lack of interest in sex.

In the case of very green, healthy and beautiful leaves during the dream, this means happiness.

Happiness is in the face of various aspects of life. In some cases, there are people who dream of green fields very often, and that is a good sign.

Cabbage leaves in excellent condition represent growth, prosperity.

Dreaming with cauliflower

This is another very traditional vegetable, but with a white coloration, quite similar to broccoli, but it is white. And what does it mean to dream about cauliflower?

Unlike the dream of green cabbage, which most of the time represents something positive, the dream of cauliflower indicates remorse. It may be in relation to something you have won without having deserved, or even some kind of award you have received and are not that happy. It’s like you don’t feel worthy.

Who eats cauliflower in a dream already has another means, and represents a relationship based on financial issues. Aren’t you going to get married just for the money? Think about it.

Dreaming of cauliflower can also indicate a feeling of dissatisfaction with ourselves. It may be an incompleteness in relation to the social circle in which you are currently being part, it may be a relationship that is no longer walking…

So much so that if you dream you are in a field, or even surrounded by cauliflower, the time has come to look for new places to meet new people.

Dreaming of cauliflower also points to distrust, whether at work, in business or in personal life.   If during the dream, you find yourself delivering cauliflowers to another person, it means a need to express that this person is not so reliable. Stay alert.

It is always important to emphasize that the interpretation of dreams with cabbage, as well as any other type of dream, needs the individual reflection of each dreamer.

Each moment is unique, people go through different situations and feelings, and all this needs to be taken into consideration.

Would you like to know a little more about what it means to dream with cabbage? Did you find your dream here?

As you can see, dreaming of cabbage is very representative. If you like this article, share it with your dreaming friends.

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