Dreaming of chicken

Dreams are a way our mind has to alert us and dreaming about chicken also has its meaning like all dreams. Dreaming of this bird by itself is neither good nor bad, as it depends on many factors. Dreaming of chickens or hens can mean creativity, fertility and even prosperity in your life but at the same time it can be a bad omen.

As I mentioned above, it depends on many factors, the color of the chicken, if it is thin, fat, sang among other things. In case you still remember details of what you dreamed see below several symbologies in various contexts. Ready to discover the true meaning? Here we go.

Dream with chicken what is?

Dreaming of birds or any kind of animals may be related to events or images we have seen recently. So start by discarding some possibilities such as:

  • I’ve been around chickens?
  • active recent contact with birds in this class?
  • Between other things that may have affected him

These are the first questions you should ask yourself before you go out looking for any interpretation. If it really doesn’t make sense to you this dream and if you haven’t had any situation that might have caused you to dream about a chicken, then you should start researching what kind of message your mind is passing on to you.

If you don’t have great details of the dream, little or nothing you will be able to know, but you can always try to understand what it indicates.

To dream about a chicken in general means: prosperity, creativity, fertility, luck, bad events, envy, among others. If you can memorize the dream well and remember what you saw, you will have more chance to know what this dream really means. Below I leave other contexts, see.

Galinha botando ovo

If you dream of a chicken laying an egg, it indicates that your financial life is not going well, but it’s not a bad omen and you don’t have to worry. If you dream that she had 2 eggs, it means that you have to be a bit more careful, have more control over the money you have been spending.

When the hen lays several eggs in piles it means that in the near future you will make a profit, if you have a business or something that might involve profits be careful not to miss out on something that would be profitable for you.

If you dreamed that the hen was hatching eggs and had chicks nearby, it is a sign that you will succeed, but you still have a long way to go before you can be objective.

White chicken

A dream with white chicken can mean good news, but also adventures with lots of fun ahead. If you happen to be a young but white chicken, it is a sign of growth and pleasurable success in your life. It won’t be quick, but with time and dedication it will get where you want it to be.

Black chicken

dreams with black chicken what it means

Dreaming of black chicken means bad omen, somehow you are moving away from the good things and connecting with negative energies that will harm you in the future. Think about your friendships and if you are walking in good ways. I am sure you will find an answer to this dream.

I have dreamt of many black chickens what is it? As you may already know, the black chicken is an animal often used in mystical rituals to do harm, so this may indicate that unpleasant moments may be coming. Be careful not to take a wrong step, especially watch out for new friendships you make.

If you feel that that friend is not being true to you, it may be proof that something is not right between the two. Never heat up my head without first thinking about it.

Green chicken

If you’ve ever dreamed of a brown chicken, you’ll be lucky in anything involving money, whether it’s business or your personal life. Be patient and always keep an eye out for new opportunities, it doesn’t mean you’ll win the Mega Sena, it may well be a job offer with a great monthly salary.


But if you dreamed of fat chicken means windfall profits, it could be in the game, like recovering a debt someone had with you and you had already lost hope. It’s very good when you dream about it.

Dreaming of chicken cacking

The dream of a chicken cackling is a good omen, it indicates that something good will come in your life. For example, if you are after a love, it indicates that your relationship will be with someone who will give you a lot of value and a very pleasant social position.

Dead chicken

If you dream of a dead chicken, it indicates that a close person may turn away from you without you understanding why, but they will have their reason. So pay close attention to your attitudes, and if someone has really walked away from you, reflect on whether you were at fault and apologize. (If not, she will die forever in your life).

Dream with hen house

Dreaming of many chickens inside the hen house is a sign that its name has been a sign of gossip. If you have felt this at work or with your neighbours never forget that you are superior to all this. Don’t pass the ball, they’ll soon let go of your foot.

As you’ve seen chicken dreams can be both good and bad omen, so try to interpret your dreams in the best way. Start by discarding some of the reasons that led you to have that dream. Don’t be afraid to dream, because it’s a wonderful world.

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