Dreaming of Church

Dreaming of church is very reminiscent of questions related to God, religion and the spirit itself. Churches or temples have different meanings throughout history and where they are located. These characteristics are important so that we can accurately determine the correct interpretation of a dream.

In churches or temples in the East, there is much about meditation, the rigor of teaching, respect and veneration for elders, etc. While in the churches and temples of the West there is a mixture of belief, faith and holiness with punishment and punishment, still very much linked medieval culture.

Dream with Church

Dreaming of church should require the dreamer to pay attention to the details he has observed, for he should take into consideration even the facade of the building he has observed from afar or even been present.

Did you dream that you saw the façade of a church from afar?

If you have contemplated the facade of a church without entering or even touching it, it is a sign that you are not satisfied with your present condition of expressing the faith, and this goes from not agreeing with the present course of your church (making you think about it to abandoning the belief) to the fact of discovering a new religion that better fills your doubts. Try to serenely your heart and follow what it says about your spirituality.

Did you know that you are praying in church?

If you ever dreamed that you were praying in church or in a temple, then feel very happy! For it means that you have divine protection to overcome any obstacle, which will bring you great strength, luck and prosperity. Fear not! You will win!

Did you think you were in a different church than yours?

If you happen to dream that you were inside a different church from the one that professes your faith, such as a Catholic dreaming that you were in a Buddhist temple, it means that there is something badly resolved in you that causes you remorse. It’s not about the experience in your religion, but about an event that you have not yet resolved internally. Such an event may gain strength in the near future, so try to review your concepts and if you do, ask for forgiveness, be humble and face your mistakes.

Did you dream of the church crowded with the faithful?

This dream is charged with countless meanings, yet the most important thing is that happiness is waiting for you in a very short time. However, if the church or temple is empty, it is a sign that you are not able to enjoy all that life is offering you! Review concepts and ideas!

Dreaming of a church can also be a sign that something very good is about to happen, probably a good marriage, whether with you, a friend or someone in your family. But if you’re expecting someone at the door of the church, it’s almost certain that you may very soon become best man.

However, dreaming of church deserves some care, since it can also be a wake-up call from our subconscious to show that we need to pay more attention to spirit issues and that we should not be extremely materialistic.

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