Dreaming of death

Did you dream about death and were curious as to what it really meant to dream about death? Today I will list some of the most varied and well-known dreams in which death is present. Check them out!

As I usually say, dreams are something very personal, you will interpret them the way they happened in your dream.

If you can’t interpret your dream, you can always get in touch through comments or the contact page and by sending an email. Shall we do it?

Dying in general (in general)

Have you ever dreamed of someone’s death, a relative? When you wake up from a dream like that, you get a little confused and you get that tightness in your heart, right?

So in general dreaming of death symbolizes a warning. Imagine that you have not valued a friend or close relative, when you wake up from the dream you will miss or even fear losing that person.

The dream of death in general has this objective, to make you wake up and give due value to that person.

But it can also indicate other things… let’s see what…

Dream of death itself what does it mean?

If you dream of your own death have no fear, it indicates transformation even in your life. Death only symbolizes the rebirth of something new.

Dreaming of mother or father’s death

This dream may be one of the most distressing for those who love them, but don’t worry, it indicates a sign of some change in your life. Have you thought about the change in your life if your mother dies?

But if you dream only of your father’s death, it indicates a lack of clarity in the choices you have been making for your life.

If in your dream you saw your mother dead, it symbolizes that you are committed to something you don’t like and that is a big burden on your back.

Think about your life and see what may be changing in you.

Dream of the death of the son, daughter or child

Did you dream about the death of a child? Here it symbolizes that you need to reflect on your life, for the time has come to grow mentally. If you have an unresolved issue that you don’t have the courage to solve, feel in yourself that you are no longer a child, but that you are already a mature person to solve whatever your problems are.

If you dream about the death of a son or daughter, here it is more specific. Keep an eye on your son or daughter because soon your son or daughter may go through a new phase in your life. Remember children grow up, we have to accept but we can always be attentive to teach them the right way.

Dream that someone said you were going to die

Do not be afraid, for death does not symbolize the end, both in dreams and in real life. If you believe that there is something after death that we do not yet know? That’s what it really means.

That something unknown could happen in your life. Keep an eye on the small details in your life, because they are the ones who change life without you feeling it.

Dying a friend

This dream can actually mean missing your friend or missing some time when you were happy and your friend was connected. Perhaps you should live more with that friend in order to look for old feelings that can do you good.

Dream of death husband or boyfriend

This dream is quite common in people who are not yet 100% in the relationship or are confused about certain points.

If you dream about it, and you feel that something is not right in the relationship, talk to your partner and expose your issues calmly without creating conflict.

Dreaming of girlfriend death

If you had this dream, don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. You just have to reflect on your feelings for this person.

Are you being true? Do you still really love your girlfriend?

Reflect, because that dream means that. That your feelings may not be true and you are settling down next to someone you may no longer like to be your girlfriend.

Dreaming with dead baby

When you dream about a dead baby it turns out to be a very unpleasant dream because it is not fair to a being who has just been born.

This dream means that you will go through some injustice, something that you didn’t do but everyone will think you did.

Be very calm at this time as showing anger and nervousness will only make things worse.

Dreaming with dead people

This contrary dream that may seem indicates wealth and fortune.  It means that one cycle will close and another positive cycle will open in your life.

For those who have had this dream it is advisable to reflect on life and try to realize the arrival of this cycle. Never take hasty actions and pay attention to everything around you.

In general, dreaming of death is not so bad, just a warning not to forget ourselves or the people we like.

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