Dreaming of desert

Perseverance is a quality you need to have, because no one survives without it. That is why dreaming of desert will indicate the need to always be able to move forward.

When some problem knocks on your door, it is time to think that you can overcome all these adversities. God is on your side and it is very worthwhile to think that it is only an ordeal.

It’s worth mentioning that the dream is a positive one, because when I tell you something, you automatically find a way to follow. That is what will be worked out and that will make a difference in your own life.

What does it mean to dream of desert?

Everyone’s trajectory is not only made for leisure and many problems can happen, so it is necessary to pay attention. Moreover, it is very worth understanding that dreaming of desert gives you a direction to follow.

The desert is not only a place of misfortune, because many biblical characters had trajectories in the desert. This already demonstrates a great need to learn to reflect on what you have done with your life.

It’s the right time to think about some important scenarios and the most common situations will be shown below. Before you do that try to remember all the details, because it will be interesting for you.

Empty desert

Your thoughts are not being positive and the time has come to take up more of your time. Life is your greatest ally and positive thinking is the way, especially for those who wish to achieve their goals.

Desert with camel

The camel is a very efficient means of transport in the desert and you are in need of something to move on. The time has come to look at your family and especially to look for alternatives to improve the coexistence.

Full desert

Most of your thoughts are not being positive and to have had this dream is a great omen. Since it shows the need to look more inside yourself and thus look for new solutions.

Desert without a camel

The right time has come to change your view of life that you have, because you are not being positive. Seek to exercise your self-knowledge and dreaming of desert without a camel will mean it.

Desert with oasis

An oasis inside the desert is a rarity and that means you have a very promising professional field. This will be the time to learn how to put everything into practice, because soon everything will improve even more.

Biblical desert

Exercising your contact with God is necessary and it is not necessary to go to a church, because you can do it from home. Thinking about it is very important and will be fundamental for you to be in communion with Jesus.

Dreaming with desert without oasis

This is an important time to work more in your professional field, because it is not working. The main point for you is to find what doesn’t work and make the corrections.

Desert in Brazil

Remember that it is worth taking a few moments to travel and if it is within your country it is cheaper. The reality on top of that is the need to take some time for you, that is, enjoy a vacation in a beautiful place.

Desert with white sand

Your purity of feeling is great and it is worth thinking more about your future, because that will be the main thing. Pay attention to all these questions and try to think about tomorrow, because it will always be promising for you.

Desert with yellow sand

It’s time to pay attention to what you do with your life, because dreaming of a yellow sand desert indicates that. Always be aware that it doesn’t represent something bad for you, because it may indicate some changes.


The world changes and your ability to adapt to situations is an advantage you have over others. The tip is to follow the same way, because what is working needs to be maintained.

Red sand

Unfortunately this is a negative omen and may present the loss of something you like. It is not a person, but it may come to represent the need not to be so attached to the material field.

Is the dream always positive or negative?

The desert is a barrier to be overcome and plays a fundamental role in life because it proposes reflection. When Jesus Christ wished to reflect on life, he went to the desert and spent 40 days thinking about what to do.

This already shows that the dream itself will indicate to you the need to look more inside yourself. Your heart is pure, so it is time to value this and then things will start to make sense to you.

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