Dreaming of drowning

For many people dreaming of drowning can be one of those terrible, cruel dreams. But it is a good omen for many fields of their life and also requires a little attention. It is not always possible to be perfect in everything, but the act of trying is already something important.

This dream indicates that legal disputes will be won, because the fights were intense and you managed to win. You will also need to pay a little attention to your personal finances. The most important thing is that through this post it will be possible to know a little more about this dream.

Drowning dreams can be what?

The dream for some spiritual doctrines can be considered as a journey of your soul. This dream may mean that in other existences you have suffered from it and that is why you had this dream. But even for people who do not believe this it will always be interesting to know more.

Another point that will receive a lot of attention is precisely the fact that not every dream will have a standard meaning. Everything goes according to the life that the person has, that is, there is no way to say that it will indicate just that. The main point is precisely to try to fit the dream into some of the following categories.


A great omen for the legal battles you are facing, that is, you will win them all at once. The most important thing will be to keep the faith and always fight for what is right, because the victories will come.

Seeing someone drowning

Looking at your economic side is always something interesting that can prevent future problems. Try to do your best to pay off the new debts that are being made. Try to understand that sometimes buying this pile of things is something very bad and does not help at all.

Children drowning

Some problems may cause you to face several problems in the near future. This dream indicates the need to be able to maintain your innocence in the face of these bad events. Do not respond to other people in a harsh way, for it will pass and it is only a matter of time.

Baby drowning

The way you’ve been looking at things has meant that a lot of people could be hurt by you. It is essential to look at your attitudes and try to avoid being someone as competitive as you always have been.

drowning some relative

Some of your attitudes may cause this family member to be pulling down all the time. This dream begs you to analyze the reflections that all this may be bringing to you.

Friend drowning

This friend of yours is going through a lot of bad problems and dreaming about drowning a friend indicates this. It is necessary to emphasize that you as a friend should give and he or she all the support to overcome this bad phase.

Saving someone from drowning

If the person is known, it is a clear sign that they will help you in an issue that is being very complicated for you. If you don’t know the person, that help will come from another unknown person, and then a great friendship will be formed.

When drowning

Some past relationships are coming back to you and it will be essential to take this opportunity. This moment in your life asks you to be closer to these people, because they can help you.

Surviving a drowning

The inner strength and especially the faith in God has made you always manage to be someone better. This dream indicates that you must remain so, because for those who have faith in God everything can be achieved.


This is a clear and manifest sign that you will be reborn and will be to be someone much better. Dreaming of drowning in which you die also bodes well for your health.

Killing someone drowned

Some relationships are too heavy and this kind of dream indicates that you need to get a little more attention with the feeling of revenge. Try to avoid thinking about what you’ve been through because it’s too risky.

Several people drowning

You have a great desire to help everyone, but this will not always be possible. Dreaming of drowning several people indicates that you want to protect everyone, because it is from you. Try to understand that sometimes they or they need to go through that and the most you can do is pray with a lot of faith.

This dream indicates something good or bad?

Dreaming of drowning clearly indicates that you have a good omen for your life as a whole. It will be the time to take that opportunity to make a positive difference. Your time has come and now it will depend only on you, because the tools are in your hand.

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