Dreaming of earring

Are you looking for the meaning of Dreaming with earrings? Rest assured, this dream usually bodes well. Earrings are part of women’s daily lives and are considered a valuable jewel.

There are earrings that bear gold, shiny, diamond… Anyway, and dreaming of an earring, what does it mean?

Since the dreamlike universe is full of surprises, it is necessary to consider some aspects of the dream, how the earring appears, if it is gold, silver and what the dreamer feels at that moment.

Now let’s know some meanings about dreaming with an earring! And if you dreamed about an earring, be sure to comment down here on the dream you had. We’ll love to hear about it!

What it means to dream about an earring

In a way to generate, dreaming with earrings is something positive and represents that the dreamer has a strong personality and with many chances to succeed in life.

For this, it is important that you realize the person you are and follow the same road. Don’t let other people mislead you on purpose.

Gamblers who love to make a “fezinha”, who dreams with earring can risk in the numbers 03 – 04 – 06 – 07 – 08 – 10 – 11 – 13 – 15 – 16 – 18 – 20 – 22 – 23 – 24. In the case of the game of the animal, the tip is to take a risk on the horse.

Some experts point out that dreaming of earrings indicates prosperity and wealth. And in real life this is no different. Imagine a woman wearing a diamond earring in her ears? Soon people can notice her social status, right? Wearing expensive earrings is a sign of power, of ostentation.

Generally speaking, anyone who dreams of an earring can rest easy, because it is a positive dream on most occasions.

When the earring appears in dreams it is also an indication of social projection. The dreamer can conquer so many things that he will soon change social class.

Dream that he wears an earring

The dreamer who sees himself wearing an earring in his dreams means that he knows his strengths and uses them to his advantage wisely. It is also an omen of luck, who knows how to take risks in a game or the lottery.

Dream that he gives the earrings to someone else

This dream has a curious look. It’s as if the dreamer is redeeming himself in front of someone else. If you’ve had an argument with someone, this dream indicates that you’ve finally understood why.

Dreaming with gold earrings

The golden earrings in the dream mean that the dreamer will be able to realize his dreams, he may have a lot of determination to deal with adversity. It’s a great dream.

With someone else’s earrings

This dream may represent some untruths around you. Nothing to worry about, but do you know when someone might try to show themselves in a way and try to fool you? Be careful not to go through any falsehoods.

Dreaming with a broken earring

Anyone who dreams of a broken earring should be aware of the envy of people close by. Their way of life bothers them and this can end up attracting negative glances. Nothing that a bath in rock salt won’t help. Energize the environment!

Who loses their earrings

This dream is a sign that the dreamer needs to have more attention and not create expectations with someone close to him. Often we go into our lives expecting the other to change. It’s no use!

What is the point of creating expectations and then being frustrated by the results. The more we focus on ourselves, the better!

Another aspect of dreaming that loses the earrings is in a possible period of sadness that the dreamer may face.

Dreaming that gets gift earrings

If you dream you’ve earned earrings as a gift, it means you could have a great job opportunity. It can come in the form of an invitation to deal with some project that you will enjoy a lot.

With silver earrings

Anyone who dreams of silver earrings can have good luck in life. It’s an indication of a very prosperous phase and good for business.

Dreaming with fake earrings

This is a warning not to go out of your way in any way. Dreaming of a false earring is your unconscious trying to warn you that you need to have focus and not get carried away by missing promises. Some people just get in the way of our lives.

Dreaming you buy earrings

This dream demonstrates a side of need that the dreamer may be facing. Dreaming about buying an earring is a need that the dreamer has to receive affection, attention from someone he loves very much.

With a big earring

Another dream that indicates success. As you may notice, dreaming of a fight has a positive aspect in most cases. Big earrings indicate wealth, good opportunities, and earning money.

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