Dreaming of exu

Spirituality is very great and there are many plans beyond the physical, science itself, through quantum physics, proves this. Thus, dreaming of exu will have meanings linked to the issue that can be good or bad.

It is the right time to seek better information and understand that it has no evil meaning. Since it may represent a fresh start or even the need to pay attention to issues that are essential.

The text has the proposal of being able to help you find alternatives that are efficient for your case. It is worth mentioning that you will have access to the meanings that are the most common to happen for your case.

What does it mean to dream about exu?

The exus are spiritual entities that wander at the request of spirituality between the material plane and the threshold. This means that they function as a kind of “police”, that is, they seek out spirits who need to be rescued.

It is common for the act of dreaming of exu to be seen with fear, but the meanings are linked to good things. The main point is to be careful with some points and especially not to believe what they tell you.

The reality is that you will have to pay attention to the most common meanings and it is worthwhile to fit your dream into these situations. To facilitate understanding, nothing better than to quote all the following topics:

A black cover

You need to protect yourself, especially from the envy of others, and you can’t stay for later. So it’s time to think about what’s getting in your way and look for alternatives that are much more effective.

Time is your greatest ally, because if something is hitting you it is because there is some vulnerable point. Paying attention to this analysis will be a great differential for your case and needs to be analyzed, and then corrected.

Exu Zé Pilintra

It is likely that someone very close to you is wishing you harm and dreaming of exu demonstrates this risk. It’s just that there’s no point in wanting to know who they are, because it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find out who they are. The main thing is to protect yourself, because each one will reap what has been planted.

Exu skull

These negative energies you are feeling will be overcome in a very short time. This entity will help you to overcome all the negativity that is before you, that is, you must be careful. The more attention you have, the better the results will be and this is another advantage.

Dreaming with exu locks street

The dream is a very positive omen in relation to your work, that is, there is a chance of promotion. To get the chance is the right time to value and especially to have other attitudes.

Forget to listen to other people and don’t believe in what they can say, because it is not the best. Prepare yourself, because behind you there is a lot of positive energy and mainly related to the process.

Exu incorporating in you

You have earned it and you have had attitudes that are positive, but you are saying something very important. It’s simply that you can’t appreciate who’s on your side, that is, you have to pay attention to all that.

People come to you and believe in your potential, but your lack of belief in yourself is a problem. Try to understand that dreaming of exu incorporating you is a clear sign that you need to take care of this attribute.

Girly Pump

His love field will go very well and having had the dream of a cute dove shows that the time has come to think about such situations. It is necessary to show that what is not working will have a justification and you must find it.

The main point is to try to think that people come to you, but you end up valuing the wrong person. You are not the boss of your heart, but you can indicate who will come in and that will be a great advantage.

I’ve been talking to you

Self-knowledge is a point that must be developed and you need to do this urgently. It is the right time to learn that knowing yourself well is a sign that you will find many answers to all this.

It is the time to think that dreaming of exu talking indicates the need to listen more to your heart. Many answers will come from this and you will have nothing more interesting to your case than to have learned all this.

Dream with exu or bad?

The dream itself is good, especially because Exu helps to balance the various spiritual planes. They are highly devoted to God and this demonstrates that you need to balance yourself more and more.

Be aware that your life needs to be very well analyzed, for answers will be found from this. Do not be afraid and believe that all your fields will walk in the right direction, just want to.

As you have seen, dreaming of exu is not so bad…as in every dream we can draw a message and also teachings.

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