Dreaming of Facade

Surely stabbing is not a very good feeling, because it can cause pain and the scene is horrible. However, the meaning for this dream is very positive and shows that the time has come to change its course.

Is your work really valid and has it brought good things at the moment? Oh, and what can be said about your family? Are you someone happy? Do you know that saying to wake up every day with happiness always full?

Yes, the answer to those questions is in your heart and you need to pay attention to those points. So the time has come to understand how it works and you can achieve all your goals.

What does it mean to dream of stabbing?

As said above, the dream demonstrates the need to change directions and focus on oneself. However, at first it may seem complicated and you need to have maximum attention.

In other words, a stab dream is a very clear indication that you must accept the new directions. To keep trying the same things cannot be seen as a path, because it limits you further.

To understand the meanings, you need to consider two situations that deserve attention. The first is to remember all the details and the second is simple, dealing with the most common situations and see below.

Facade in the back

The omen is negative and indicates that you should be careful with friendships, because someone may want your evil. The attitude to be taken is simple and it is a matter of not expecting anything from others, avoiding a future disappointment.

Facade game of the bug

The most common indication for you to play is the alligator and then another animal of your preference. I must warn you of this fact, and so the time has come to use luck to your advantage.

Facade in the head

Thoughts are betraying your wills and paying attention to this factor is a point that requires attention. However, try to change the way you have lived your life and you will see that everything will get better and better.

Facade in the heart

Loving disappointments are in the way and you need to learn to analyze everything in the right way. In short, dreaming of a stab wound in the heart is a harbinger that you must try to heal yourself from this open wound.

Stab wound and blood

The stab wound indicates that you will go through a bad situation and the blood is a rather positive sign. Since it will make you need to change your attitudes and try to take care of yourself, because it will be something necessary.

Stab wound to the neck

You have looked too far ahead and unfortunately you are not seeing what is going on right next to you. Surely you will find another direction and the stab is an indication of something bad that will change your reality.

Stabbed in the face

One of the most positive and, at the same time, negative omens, but the meaning depends on another situation. If you are single it is a sign that you should remain so, and if you are married, try to invest in the relationship.

Time is a great ally and the natural tendency is that you can get everything you want. To do this, remember to know how to wait and especially not to be anxious, avoiding the chance of not working.

Facade in the throat

The words you say aren’t being the right ones and you’ve been hurting people with your sentences. The time has come to change and think before you speak, because that will be the right decision for you.

Facade in the belly

Don’t look at the past, because there is a chance that you will end up not understanding the real meaning of life. You have to live, love and understand that the future is worthwhile, because what you have gone through can no longer return.

Facade into someone

The foresight is negative because it indicates that someone is upset with you and will not change for now. However, there is a way to do it differently, and the best thing to do is to make time take responsibility for everything.

Facade in the abdomen

Someone very close to you is planning things that are not at all positive and can bring problems. The time has come not to answer the time and wait, because those who have God in their hearts should not fear.


As mentioned above, you live in prison for the things that are gone and that is very disturbing to your life. In short, it’s critical to change the way you are looking at it and you can see that it was the right decision.

What’s the message?

In short, dreaming of a stab leaves the message of you following your life and always looking forward. Forget about living the past and you will see that it made more sense because it allowed you to be on the right path.

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