Dreaming of Fezes

Dreaming about shit (feces) may not be a very pleasant dream but it can be an indicator of several good things. It all depends on what you really dreamed.

That’s exactly why you came to our site. Ready to discover the various meanings of dreaming about feces?

Sometimes this dream may have several possible interpretations and may be different from person to person. Then it will all come down to what you saw during the dream and what you still remember.

What is the meaning of dreaming about feces (crap) in general

In general, dreaming about feces means fortune, wealth, profits, luck, it all depends on how it happened in your dream…

That’s exactly why when people step on shit they say “it’s money”, because in the end it’s all connected.

Dreaming you saw feces, what does that mean?

If you’re in business and dreaming of shit, you’ve got a reason to be happy, because it symbolizes luck in business. You can also indicate a job offer.

It may indicate that the right time has come for you to make the investment that you have been thinking about, because you have great chances of financial success.

Stop for a while, analyze your life and do things calmly.

Dreaming with human feces

It may indicate something to do with your inner self, some situation that has embarrassed you in the past and is still half asleep and not excused.

It may also indicate that the time has come to invest in your secret project.

Dreaming with dog feces (dog)

It’s no accident they say the dog is man’s best friend, correct. So when you dream about dog feces this wants to indicate that you’re in a good phase to start a project with friends.

There will be a great chance that the project or business will make a very fast profit.

Meaning of dreaming you step on feces

If you dream you step on shit, it symbolizes luck in the game or in investments. If, for example, you’re not a lottery fan, it’s a good idea to buy a ticket. (Maybe you won’t have any luck at all).

But it also has other meanings to dream about “shit”, it goes a little bit of its interpretation. may indicate problems with your sexuality.

It can also indicate big changes in your life, in case you stepped on shit while walking.

Dreaming you pick up feces

If you dream about stepping on feces it’s already disgusting, dreaming about picking coconut can be a dream about making vomit.

But take it easy because it may be disgusting but it symbolizes something very good. It means that luck and wealth will accompany you. If you are a business person or an entrepreneur it may be the right time to act.

Think calmly, and take a chance if you have to.

Dream that you’re dirty with feces

If in real life you get dirty with feces what would you feel? I bet you’d feel some shame, like anyone else. And that’s exactly what might indicate, that you feel ashamed of something or situation you’ve done.

The dream is like a sign that has stayed in your subconscious, and is somehow bothering you in the dream.

Well, in general if you were scared to dream about feces rest assured, because as you have seen and can see in other sites there is nothing bad about dreaming about shit.

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