Dreaming of fire

For some psychologists the act of dreaming of fire is a clear expression of our subconscious in the sense of alerting us to some very important future event, for which we must be properly prepared.

However, relax and try to remember all the details of the dream: how and where it happened, who you were with, how were your feelings, were they of happiness or sadness? Etc.

Dreaming with fire

Dreaming about fire has a very special symbolism, because for many cultures fire is the element of nature that comes closest to God’s divine essence, so this kind of dream needs to be carefully analyzed, in all its details, so that you can reach its real interpretation.

Was your still catching fire?

Did you dream that your property is on fire? This may be a clear sign that something is not right with your house or apartment. Check the status of the property documentation, electrical and hydraulic installations, how is the structure of the property, etc. In order to check if everything is ok with it or not. If it is, consider doing what has to be done as soon as possible.

The flames of the fire produced smoke?

You dreamed of fire, but you didn’t notice any sign of smoke? If you don’t notice smoke and can breathe peacefully without any kind of intoxication, it means that a lot of happiness is coming in various areas of your life, especially love and finances.

Fire with smoke

Does the fire produce no smoke and is light or bright in color? This type of fire is a sign that if you face any kind of problem today you will win. It is a sign of triumph, that divine forces are supporting you in this cause, there is nothing to fear.

If the fire produces smoke and cannot be contained, it is a sign that a very strong problem is to come and you will have to be strong enough to go through everything with your head held high. Life possesses these mishaps and see such a dream as a way of the cosmos to prepare you so that you are not surprised and do not know what to do.

Dreaming that ignites fire

Did you dream someone was lighting a fire? Try to be careful about false friendships and situations that can be armed to harm you. This kind of dream can also indicate some kind of very strong seduction, stay alert and don’t get carried away by circumstances.

Did someone put out the fire? If the fire was consuming everything that was ahead, or even a property or object of yours, then it is a sign that the current problems will be solved and you will win. However, if you were feeling well with the heat of that fire, as if you were warming your hands in a comfortable fireplace, then beware of financial losses!

Some situation may come and literally want to put out your prosperity, so be aware and when observing any sign in that direction, try to be patient and try to get around the problem, because in this case it is a kind of warning of an event that can be avoided. A warning from the cosmos so that you can change the current course of things.

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