Dreaming of flooding

Dreaming of flooding is related to our desires, feelings or life changes. Since the world is the world floods are present in natural disasters and they are often responsible for marking generations in humanity, such as a tsunami.

But what brought you here was really the curiosity to know what a dream with flood means, isn’t it? Is it a good or a bad omen? Relax, because dreaming is good and can help us a lot, even when the dream involves a lot of water and is distressing.

Dreaming about flooding in general

Dreaming of floods or floods can undoubtedly be a very intense dream, especially if we wake up with the feeling of being carried away by water. But don’t worry, as I said above, this dream indicates that something is not right with your interior and if you don’t do anything to change it may overflow and affect your personal life.

Dreaming in the street

Dreaming that you are on the street and see a flood symbolizes insecurity and your need to take refuge in a safe place to protect yourself.

This can be a sign that something in your life is not right, such as needing a safe haven, a true friend or even a love that makes you feel protected. It also indicates that your emotional side is weak. Reflecting a little on life will be the first thing to do.

Flooding entered the house

If in the dream the flood flooded your house indicates that your feelings are being repressed you are wanting to vent and can not. Talk to a trusted person, talk about your problems in order to pour everything out, you will see that it will be a very big emotional relief.

A person in a flood

If you dream you’re helping to save people in a flood, it indicates you’re at a good time in your life. When we help people, all our effort is doubled back, so it indicates in a way that the benefits are coming.

Drowning without flooding

Dreaming you’re in a flood and not drowning is a good omen, it indicates that despite your problems you’re doing well. The secret here is to continue your journey as you have done so far.

Running in front of a flood

If you dreamed that you were running in front of the water of a flood, it means that you have just escaped from a situation that would not be good for your life. Be more careful, it could be something that comes back.

Dreaming with flooding or flooding with clear water

No doubt and once again it is connected to feelings and changes, when we dream of clear or crystalline water indicates that soon there will be changes in your life. Be it sentimental or even a change of job, of home, among others.

As you have seen, dreaming of flooding is mainly linked to changes, feelings or even fears. But never be concerned, because dreaming is good for you. What would be our life without dreams?

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