Dreaming of macumba

It’s not very common to dream about macumba, is it? Do you always dream about macumba or was it the first time? Were you impressed by your dream? Did you try like a madman to find a plausible interpretation for what you dreamed, but did not find it? So keep reading the article and know correctly the true interpretation for that dream.

We recommend that all people who dream of something that is too out of the ordinary not to drown, that is, wake up from sleep very calmly, relax (never jump out of bed in a hurry or put your hand on your head, as this favors forgetting) and try to remember every possible detail of the dream with the macumba. If you have paper and pen nearby, do not be ashamed and take note, because if you go back to sleep you will certainly forget.

Another important factor is to know if the dreamer has not seen any macumba recently and was impressed. This is also very common. If this is the case, do not take it too much into consideration, for it is only a manifestation of strangeness in the human mind.

Did you dream that someone made macumba for you?

The first thing you can think of when you wake up is how to break the macumba? Right? This kind of dream usually means that your subconscious has realized that some person is not having good intentions towards you. Take a break, look especially at people who have recently become part of your cycle of friendships, and try to identify who you might be looking for in time.

The macumba was at your door (apartment or house)

This is undoubtedly a good sign, although it is very strange and sometimes even frightening, depending on the kind of visualization of the macumba we had in the dream, because it only indicates that you will be able to overcome the difficulties that will come, no matter how hard they try to sabotage you.

Dreaming with a macumba with a candle lit on the corner

If the macumba on the corner contained a lit candle, then it means that your goals will be fully and quickly achieved, however difficult they may be. Keep on persisting and everything will work out, without you having to rely on other people’s help or some kind of cheating.

Dreaming with a macumba with a lit candle on the corner

If you dreamed of a macumba on the corner that contained a candle, but it was out, be very careful. For new events may come to light and hinder your plans, so you will have to postpone or even suspend them. But such a warning from space to be cautious, to be more alert and prepared, because then we have a chance to win and everything still works out very well.


As you can see, dreaming of macumba at first gives us the impression that something bad is happening, yet this is a past impression and valued by our modern western culture. Not necessarily, a macumba is always made for evil. There are many orders made asking for health for people, plenty of material goods and other nice things.

So, we say again that it is very important that you try to remember all the details of the dream and thus have more elements to seek other interpretations. See our list of dreams from A to Z.

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