Dreaming of onions

The dream has indications linked to most fields of your life, that is, financial, loving and family. Without forgetting also that dreaming about onions can mean something related to your sex life. The main point for you is to seek these understandings and the text will help you in all this.

It is more than adequate to mention that onion is one of the most effective foods to feed people. It can accompany meats, season rice and even serve as a good salad. Moreover, it is beneficial for health and is therefore one of everyone’s preferences.

What does it mean to dream about onions?

One of the first records of the onion is found in the frescoes of Mesopotamia. It was from the Egyptian food and therefore is also inserted in the Bible and accompanies the human being for a long time. The dream can also mean something connected to the difficulties that can happen in your life.

To understand all the meanings of dreaming about onions you must remember most of the details. The context will make you understand better what happened and so you will know what it means. Check out below most of the scenarios most common to people who had this dream:

Peeling onions

You are thinking better of the attitudes you must have in order for everything to work properly. Try to know that the choice will depend directly on this, so you need to pay close attention to all of this.

This kind of thing will make sense and will bring you a smaller chance of making a mistake in what requires the most attention. Don’t let these problems be solved by other people, because having more responsibility will be better for you.

Shellless onions

Most of these problems you are facing will be solved in a very short time. Only to achieve this, you will need to keep the faith and believe that everything has a purpose to be happening.

At first it may be difficult to think that way, but in time it will all make sense. Dreaming of shelled onions shows a great need to be prepared to overcome all these adversities.

Selling onions

Fortune is on your side and it will be the moment to appreciate even more this phase that is happening in your life. When you go to try new paths, always remember that the best decision is to enjoy this positive vibe.

Insist on your goals and avoid being in a hurry, because things always happen at the right time. It is important to think that way, because the more faith you have and the less you think, the greater the chance that it will work out.

Eating onions

There are two meanings directly connected to this dream, but you need to consider the situation you are experiencing at this time. It can be a positive sign and one of abundance, especially in your sex field.

On the other hand, if the work is under pressure, the meaning will be connected to your professional field. To correct these problems, you just need to pay attention and avoid those fights that will lead nowhere.

Eating purple onions

Someone very close to you is feeling attracted to you and it is important to be aware of that. The main point for you is to be patient, because usually these people end up opening up to you.

The best thing for you is to try to stay calm and when that person comes, take the chance. You can’t always find someone, it will happen even if you are in a relationship and even single.

Dreaming with onions in a bag

In a very short time things will start to work out positively in your life and in various fields. The main meaning may be what you have been wanting at this time, so it is something positive.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to keep your faith so that everything can work properly. Determination is a factor that makes a difference because it brings you the ability to move forward.

Planting onions seeing only the leaves

Your financial life will get better and it will take almost nothing to happen, for it is of your worth. Always remember to enjoy these moments and especially with your family, because it is something very positive.

The most important thing for you is to try to understand that everything is thanks to work, so keep doing it. Try to understand that in “the team that is winning does not move”, that is, continue with what works.

Is the dream good or bad?

Any and every dream will be good, because it indicates the need to value the opportunities that knock on your door. This kind of thinking is effective, because it allows you, being good or bad, to draw a positive lesson. God doesn’t miss an address, and if something has come to you, it’s to make you grow. And did you like the meaning of dreaming about onions?

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