Dreaming of persecution

You woke up in distress and you’re still panting for breath? Calm down! Understand in this article what it means to dream of persecution and clear up all your doubts about the subject, being able to take previous safety and prevention actions if necessary. But remember: it is very common that the meaning of a bad dream is not so bad. Shall we go to the study?

In our modern daily life, the feeling of persecution is not at all pleasant and is usually associated with some fear or trauma that the person has been through and does not want to experience that again.

But is this also true in the world of dreams? Can dreaming of persecution have any positive points? Keep reading the article and understand how it all works.

Dreaming that it’s being chased in general lines

Generalizing, dreaming of persecution is usually just the expression of your intellect that you feel attached to something or someone and need to manifest itself in some way.

Such a dream comes up sometimes to indicate possible points that move your ideas in the direction of changing that stagnant situation. Therefore, as it is normal that we forget most of what we dream after the first fifteen minutes of awakening, have the habit of leaving a notebook at the bedside so that when this kind of dream occurs you have the chance to write it down right away, because every detail gathered can be fundamental for a correct interpretation.

Dream that someone is after you

This dream shows an attempt, even if unconscious, of our being to run away from some reality, either by fear, trauma or some kind of indisposition with loved ones.

In this case it is fundamental to remember who was running away, to then check what are the main issues you have with that person and to reflect if there is something pending or an unresolved issue between you.

Note that there is a difference with the sex of the person you are stalking

Dream of being chased by a man

This is a very positive dream, because it indicates that your love is reciprocated and that you should not run away, but rather give yourself over to this new passion.

However, this dream also indicates that something must be done so that this love can be maintained and not tired. Create situations and experience this love.

Dream that you are being chased by a woman

As we speak, dreaming of persecution generates in the person a feeling that something negative is about to happen, which is not true! When we are talking about a persecutor, it only means that her cycles of friendships will be renewed and that in this movement she will meet someone who will be a friend for all hours, good or bad.

Did you think you’re being chased by a car?

Dreaming of chasing a car shows that the dreamer is afraid of being hurt by someone who has more strength and power. He may have trouble with his boss at work. Try not to get stressed and touch life ahead!

And what was the result of the chase?

If you have managed to escape then everything will be resolved to your satisfaction, however, if the pursuer’s goal is achieved, it is a sign that you need to review goals, observe who is actually your friend to avoid future surprises.

See your dreams as an alert and not a problem. If you’ve dreamt of stalking now, you’ve got what it means. See other meanings of dreams.

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