Dreaming of Shooting

The noise of a gunshot can be very frightening, as we associate shooting with guns, assaults, among other negative things. So what could it mean to dream about gunfire?

Is it something bad or good? Why is it common to wake up in fear after dreaming of gunfire?

Gunfire (in general)

In general, dreaming of gunfire is not bad, even indicating that there may be changes at some risk to your life. When you are in a dream and you start a shooting, you may feel confused, not knowing very well where to run, correct?

And that’s what this dream is all about. (There may be changes and you may not really know what to choose, so they may be considered dangerous changes).

Even so, don’t be alarmed, because like any other dream it depends a lot on how your life is, and so have other interpretation.

Let’s look at other meanings.

Dreaming you see a shooting

Having a dream like this may indicate that very soon you will go through some complicated problems to solve. Keep your cool, it’s the only way to solve it.

Stay alert around you.

Dream that you are the target of the shooting

This dream may indicate that at this moment there is a person who has some control in your life and you have not yet discovered it.

Stop and reflect well on your life, look around you and take the reins of your life.

Dream that you shot someone

If you dream that you hurt someone this is a sign that your mind is giving, it indicates that you are angry with a certain person.

Anger is a feeling that consumes us, so try to understand what has happened and immediately solve the problem that causes you such a feeling.

Dream of getting shot in the back or in the head

This dream symbolizes health problems, indicates that some health problems can arise and can be serious.

Take care of your diet and do physical activities if you feel that something is not right with your body consult your doctor.

Dreaming with shooting in the favela

Dreaming of shooting in a favela indicates that you may be having financial problems, try to organize your life better.

Dreaming about shooting in a school

If you’ve dreamed of a shooting at school, it indicates that you may be concerned about a close family situation.

Try to find out if this dream really gave you the right guess and keep an eye out for your close family members.

Dream that you escaped a gunfight unharmed

If you dreamed that they tried to kill you in a gunfight and you managed to escape unharmed, it indicates that you may be having trouble reaching a certain goal in your life.

bloody shooting

This dream indicates that you may go through a rather difficult period of your life and the more blood around you or you have a lot of bleeding indicates that it will be a very difficult problem to solve.

Look at your life and see if you are doing anything bad that could hurt you in the near future. Stay calm and be patient with yourself because only then can you maintain mental clarity and overcome your problems.

You already know, as I always say, dreaming is part of our life, see dreams as little alerts from beyond that can help us decipher important events.

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