Dreaming of smoke

Dreaming of smoke is a sign that you will have a good life and also a very happy one, but it will take a lot of struggle. In a short time you will have the opportunity to overcome all these adversities at once. Economic problems can be very difficult because they mess with your money.

In order to know for sure what you are indicating, it is very important to know all the details of the dream. Try to remember everything and it will be much easier to know what you may be indicating. Try to be calm and don’t get attached to these possible meanings, because it may not always be the same thing.

What can it mean to dream about smoke?

If you had this dream, it is a sign that there will be some difficulties, but you will achieve your goals. Dreaming about it is a clear indication that despite all the problems you can solve them. It is essential to go on this way in order to have access to the most common meanings that exist for these dreams.

It is normal to keep some opinions or secrets to avoid some problems that might happen. Some situations ask you to put all this out, but in a gentler way. Those who keep feelings almost always have problems, so try to talk to the other party.


You have a great desire and therefore feel the need to fulfill it in the best possible way. But just like the smoke in this environment, you can’t see your way to achieving it. Seek to remain faithful to what you believe and especially to move forward, prosperity in love is near.

Dreaming with smoke that comes out of a chimney

All your efforts will have been worthwhile by the time you achieve all your goals. Dreaming of smoke coming out of the chimney is a clear sign that the fruits will be harvested in a short time. The main thing is to keep going in that direction because it will always make it work very well.

Your planning and organization has made a difference and that is why many people see in you someone competent. It is recommended that you continue to be that person who always helps others to do their work. This understanding will make you stand out by being humble and not having enmities.

Dreaming with smoke coming out of the flue

Some bitterness has made your heart always loaded with feelings that are bad. Happiness can be found for you, but you must get rid of all these bad points. Resentment is almost always bad, that is, you have to get rid of it all to be happy.

Smoking to communicate

This dream indicates that in a short time you will need to work hard to achieve all your goals. The materialization of your dreams will be possible as you learn that fighting is the best way. As bad as it may seem to be, it is recommended that you face your fears head-on.

Your communication is not being interesting and so you need to improve it. Try to read about it or even study a little about how to improve the way you communicate. The internet can be a great ally and today it is possible to have all the free information on this subject.

Dreaming with clear smoke

In this kind of dream it means that you are in doubt between two paths, that is, the good and the bad side. Therefore, it is indicated that you start right now to choose the positive side, because it will make a difference. Nowadays, whenever people are in doubt, it is interesting to think what Jesus would do if he were in your place.

SOnhar with dark smoke

If you have dreamed of it, it is a clear and manifest sign that you have made decisions that are completely wrong. Dreaming of clear smoke is a request from your soul to start thinking differently. Try not to continue having these wrong attitudes and especially acting on impulse.

Dreaming with smoke smothering you

One of the worst enemies that exist is the ego and if you had this dream it is a request to take care of the problems. Without realizing some situations there is a risk of suffering the consequences. Try to always remain in a position of patience, that is, not to be in a hurry to solve the problems.

Can these meanings indicate?

Dreaming of smoke is a very clear sign that you have had to look more inside yourself and work on solving these problems. If something bad has come to you it’s because you’ve attracted it all, so it’s up to you to walk away. This dream indicates that it is necessary to look more inside you and look for a solution.

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