Dreaming of the Sword

Many think that dreaming with a sword has a meaning or even that it will not represent good things.

However, that is not the reality and it is only a dream that indicates that there is a choice to be made.

As much as the present moment is not as planned, remember that you can change it and it all depends on you.

Therefore, it is always better to be calm and look inside, avoiding to look at everything in a superficial way.

The text proposes to show the main information and allow the dream to be better interpreted.

Then, just follow the tips and get the meanings that may be the most indicated.

Dream with sword which means

The sword should be seen as a tool that can do good or even evil, depending only on what it uses.

Surely for some, it may serve to cut something and others may even kill through it.

This situation indicates that dreaming of a sword depends very much on the person and the way they face reality.

Generally speaking, achieving the results depends only on each one and the most suitable is to seek these alternatives.

In the end, to understand what the dream means you only need to have two simple attitudes.

The first is to remember all the details and then just fit into the most common situations and then check which ones:

Spade of ogum or St. George

The omen is positive and indicates that you are protected, but you must always be vigilant and cannot relax.

Remember that evil will only hit you if there are weaknesses and you can always live much stronger.

Shining pitch

Its light is large and has the ability to illuminate as many people as possible.

Having this kind of vision is fundamental and allows everything to be working better and better.


Betrayal by sight and can be very dangerous, because some people end up not acting properly.

Dreaming with a sword on your back is a clear and manifest indication that you need to see for another vision.

Gold sword

The most precious item that exists is gold and is therefore valued, i.e. because it is something scarce.

So, try to do the same with your attitudes and try as much as possible not to “sell yourself easily”. See also what dreams with gold mean, it can help a lot in your interpretation.


Fire serves to purify, so try to have something that always leaves you purified.

From then on it is not complicated and the best attitude is to always use calmness in your favor.

Saint of a holy barbarian

The reality is that your life has been made up of “storms” and God gives you a warning that is very important.

It is about being conscious and with resignation, because the path to be taken will always be the same.

Dream with silver sword

In short, don’t have any more negative feelings about what you’ve been through and try to think about everything.

It will certainly help you to find the main alternatives and the best is always to learn to forgive.

Spade sharp

All fields of your life should be lived and especially used, because the natural tendency is to function even more.

In this way, the chance to work is greater and you just need to have one attitude: believe.

Blue spade

Peace is close at hand, but it is paramount to believe and not to doubt your ability to conquer.

Seek balance, therefore, analyze everything in the right way and then dive headlong into it.

Samurai spade

A samurai fought independently of the weapons and for his life the same message remains, that is, dreaming with a samurai sword indicates this situation.

Try to see the positive side and believe in yourself, because that is the first step to easily win.

White sword

Calmness is only achieved after you can overcome the adversities that are inside your heart.

In other words, don’t try to solve the problems from the outside in, but do the internal process first.


Two poles should stay apart and the same should be for your life, avoiding being in a hurry and wanting good results.

Any analysis only leads to a good end result when there is a distance between them.

Spade cutting

The omen is very positive and is indicating a special situation: it is giving to grow.

Be aware that this process hurts and there is no point in complaining, because it is necessary and will bring maturity.

Is the dream positive or negative?

In short, life must be lived and attitudes can be good or bad, because you cannot please everyone.

Dreaming with a sword is a clear indication that the time has come to think before having any attitude.

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