Dreaming of zombie

Dreaming about Zombie can be a scary thing, but you don’t have to be afraid. Remember that a dream can be a wake-up call from our mind for some event that may come in the near future.

If you haven’t been watching “The Walking Dead” and you had a dream with zombies or undead and you want to know the true meaning, stay tuned, because in this article we will interpret this dream in several contexts.

View zombie in general

In general, dreaming of zombie indicates that you have been going through some moments of loneliness, without feelings, and you may be walking away from some good friends. It may indicate that you are having inner doubts, not knowing very well where to go or what you want, just like zombies. This is a general interpretation, but we need to keep in mind what we experience in the dream in other contexts for a more correct interpretation.

You were a zombie

If you were a living dead, it symbolizes physical or mental fatigue. It can also arise after more painful situations such as the death of a relative thus saying that you are still in the mourning phase.

You becoming a zombie

This zombie dream may indicate that right now you are going through a transformation that may be positive or negative. It is up to you to rethink very carefully what you may have done in the past that is affecting you at this time. Think about it.

Killing zombies

Dreaming that you are killing zombies is a good omen, it indicates that you are going through a good phase and are achieving your goals that you so desire. It may also indicate the end of a problem that is tormenting your life.

Running from zombie

If in your dream the zombies were chasing you may indicate fears or worries that are hidden in your mind or maybe you know but pretend they do not exist. You are advised to take action once and for all and resolve this soon. Don’t let your problems steal your dreams and not get stuck inside a matrix.

Don’t let any dream mess with your psychological, as they appear as small alerts that may indicate some present or near future event to us. As you have seen, dreaming of zombie has its bad and good things, it is up to you to interpret it in the best way and use it to your advantage.

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