Dreaming of a truck

Dreaming of a truck 1

Dreaming of a truck can indicate problems, solutions, luck in love, good or bad news and many other things. If you had this dream then it is a clear sign that you need to pay attention to everything. This dream is one of the most complex meaning and therefore it is essential to pay attention to … Read more

Dreaming of scorpion

Dreaming of scorpion 2

You had a dream about a scorpion and you wanted to know what it meant? Dreaming about scorpion can have very different meanings and we will present the most frequent ones here! Would you like to know if it is good or bad? You already know that the interpretation of each dream varies from person … Read more

Dreaming of home

Dreaming of home 3

Dreaming about home has very different meanings and will require the dreamer’s full attention in order to remember as many details as possible in order to make an assertive interpretation of the situation. The house itself has a very interesting representation in various cultures around the world, i.e., that of a safe haven. Therefore, the … Read more

Dreaming of rain

Dreaming of rain 4

Dreaming of rain can have several interpretations, in this article we will see some of the most common. Rain is also a very important factor for many aspects of society, as it is an indicator of soil fertility, regulates the level of drinking water in reservoirs, cleans the polluted air in large cities, etc. However, … Read more

Dreaming of mud

Dreaming of mud 5

Dreaming of mud is very associated with everything we experience: our experiences, fears, frustrations, loves, victories, defeats, etc. Not necessarily because of something bad that might happen, because when we talk about mud we immediately remember dirt, pigs, difficulties and all sorts of disgusting things. But not quite, it can even mean the resolution of … Read more

Dreaming of a cemetery

Dreaming of a cemetery 6

Dreaming of a cemetery at first may seem like something bad is about to happen, but that’s not quite the case! It is necessary a wide reflection when dreaming with this type of place so that then it has a correct interpretation of the same. Some beliefs observe the cemetery as being only a place … Read more