Dreaming of fruit

Dreaming of fruit 1

To be lucky in the future is an inherent goal in everyone’s life and dreaming of fruit means just that. Happiness and long life are attributes that will make a difference in everyone’s life. Another possible meaning is the need to keep calm so that everything goes well. To know the correct meaning of this … Read more

Dreaming of escape

Dreaming of escape 2

It is essential to show that dreaming of escape will indicate that you will have some difficulties that your life offers. Try to think hard to make the right choices and try to solve your problems patiently. The reality is that there is a warning and at first it is time to follow what is … Read more

Dreaming of train

Dreaming of train 3

For many people dreaming of a train can be a very enjoyable dream, because travel is very relaxing. The main thing is to understand that the meaning has a lot to do with planning and projecting your life. Always giving wings to hope and especially the appreciation of friends. This will be the time for … Read more

Dreaming of nails

Dreaming of nails 4

Dreaming of nails may seem an unusual dream, but it is even a fairly common dream, especially among women, according to research in this area. As I always say, it is possible to understand what the meaning of dreaming with a nail or another dream is, but it can vary from person to person, everything … Read more

Dreaming of chicken

Dreaming of chicken 5

Dreams are a way our mind has to alert us and dreaming about chicken also has its meaning like all dreams. Dreaming of this bird by itself is neither good nor bad, as it depends on many factors. Dreaming of chickens or hens can mean creativity, fertility and even prosperity in your life but at … Read more

Dreaming in the wind

Dreaming in the wind 6

Life is full of good, bad things and the main thing is never to give in, always trying to move on. Dreaming of wind means that you have to keep on persisting, but without ever insisting on it. The difference between insisting and persisting is in feeling the results and there is a differentiation. The … Read more

Dreaming of pregnancy

Dreaming of pregnancy 7

Would you like to know what it means to dream that you’re pregnant? Then be happy with the news that you’ve reached the right site. As I have done with the image of the previous articles, I have decided to make a compilation with the various meanings of dreaming about pregnancy, I hope you like … Read more

Dreaming of a machete

Dreaming of a machete 8

Seeking the balance of life is necessary, and dreaming of a machete means paying attention to this factor. Many people confuse the meaning of dreaming with a knife with dreaming with a machete, but the interpretation is quite different. It is certainly not simple and the best alternative is to seek consideration so that you … Read more

Dreaming of Taxi

Dreaming of Taxi 9

The omen about dreaming of a taxi means a warning and has connections to an opportunity that will paint. Only before you want to know what it is, you need to remember everything that happened in the dream. In general terms, this chance may be related to the love field and about someone who will … Read more

Dreaming of Facade

Dreaming of Facade 10

Surely stabbing is not a very good feeling, because it can cause pain and the scene is horrible. However, the meaning for this dream is very positive and shows that the time has come to change its course. Is your work really valid and has it brought good things at the moment? Oh, and what … Read more