Angel Number 38: Message from Angels

Numerology is one of the esoteric and mystical disciplines that helps us to understand the world around us and make life more joyful and calm.

We would all like to know what will happen in the future; we would give everything for a peek into tomorrow’s world.

Numerology teaches us to correctly understand the purpose of existence and how it is easier to overcome some of life’s problems (or how to predict and prevent bad things from happening).

Thanks to the numbers of angels, we can establish a balance and achieve the harmony we so badly need in life. The numbers not only have their own lives, they completely mirror our lives. And in this magical world of numerology, we have to go deeper to better understand this science.

Angel number 38 – what does that mean?

These individuals are considered leaders of our society – they are adorned with a sense of justice and injustice (point to difference), independence and the ability to lead those who fear or cannot speak for themselves. They wear a mask of seriousness and are afraid of rejection.

Angel number 38 likes to work alone, they do not need help from other people and never seek help. Their lives are full of struggles, but they don’t surrender until they achieve what they wanted. Friends and relatives tend to misunderstand them, and usually feel alone in their hearts.

Angel number 38 can evaluate other people very well, and even if they are not interested in religions, but when they find a good spiritual leader they can reach a deep state of meditation. Those who are successful in meditation can also lead a very spiritual life and it is enough that they are happy.

Black, grey and dark blue are their favorite colors in which they feel most comfortable.

In relation to health, during life, loss of speech, paralysis, rheumatism, diarrhoea, depression, heart related diseases can occur. Most conditions experienced are genetic and cannot be avoided.

The secret meaning

Angel number 38 is made up of numbers 3 and 8 and, because of its characteristics, this number has incredibly strong elements and causes high impact on the carrier and the environment. Like chain events, it spreads its influence over everything that touches the path.

This combination indicates creativity, optimism, wealth and success in almost every part of the personal world. The number 38 has a sense of humor, is always in a good mood and is a beloved guest in any company.

This number of angels loves to help others, completely with an open heart; they don’t judge – everyone is welcome in their “club. They know how to be polite, but sometimes they also act very vulnerable. The number 8 in the angels’ letter implies delicate souls – they will never show it, but inside they can be very hurt.

Regarding his work, angel number 38 is very reliable, always open to interesting work, new ideas, communicative. It is also very common for the number 38 to be born with money (inheritance or continuity of the parents’ business, which are already successful). They are usually in high and responsible positions, they like to have authority.


Emotions, stable relationships are important to angel number 38. They seek a fateful relationship that can work without waves, without problems. The best combination for them is a persistent, energetic and loyal person. It is very common for number 38 to be in love with a coworker or someone at work (boss or assistant).

Numerologists are warning the number 38 to be careful when choosing partners and going into business with them; it can sour at one point. Business begins to crumble, bringing the relationship down – here partners can destroy each other. There is additional nervousness and jealousy because of the inability to escape everyday communication, so that it can cause more and more tension.

Their best romantic game is number 1,2,4,5,7, and for friendships they are number 4,5,6.

Interesting facts

The first interesting thing when we discuss number 38, is a connection of number 38 with women’s energy and femininity. In some cultures, that number is linked to fertility.

In modern days, studies show that men are more attracted to a woman of more complete figure, because they represent a pure and healthy woman, capable of bearing a child. How big are the perfect women, according to this study – you guessed it, they are number 38.

In addition to this extraordinary story about number 38, we should mention that certain mythologies that put the power of the woman in a high place, 38 represent a courageous person who can endure great pain (pain during labor is the strongest pain a person can endure) . In the same mythology, for women to become more fertile, it is tradition to harvest exactly 38 passion fruit seeds.

This fruit from heaven is a unique and mysterious fruit that since ancient times represents a symbol of fertility, abundance, good health and eternal life. This plant is originally from Persia and throughout history is classified as the fruit of the gods. In ancient records, bright red seeds of passion fruit were compared with blood.

They attributed to this fruit the ability to restore a young appearance, prolonging life and providing the connection between the world of the living and the world of angels.


If you happen to find that number, during a dream or fantasy or while you are asleep, you know that the angels want you to make a decision – you need to act quickly and intuitively.

This symbol usually appears when there is a need for a career change (an initiative to start your business).

Finally, you can get confirmation from the realm of angels you’ve been waiting for – you need to re-evaluate your financial situation, if you’re in debt, don’t postpone payment.

From your own life, throw everything that hurts you, people and things, angels, are saying.

After that, resolve any conflicts with your family or friends and try to fix the relationships that are most important to you. You need to take the first step in dealing with these relationships.

This number can also imply an expectation of positive change – you must follow your intuition, for you will find answers to all the problems that bother you.

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