Angel Number 39: Message from Angels

By following the guidance provided by the angel numbers, you can learn all about the external and internal influences and obstacles you may encounter in the course of your life, and receive advice on how best to deal with them.

We should mention that predictions and orientations of the number of angels may be the ideal way to analyze someone’s personality; we can discover much more about the characteristics of a particular person than by any other method.

The angel chart can also reveal karma and destiny to people, and this is particularly true in case numbers such as 39, which are connected to the virtue of faith. This connection is significant because the numerology of angels emphasizes the importance of virtue – without it, you can gain nothing in life.

But, as always, even the numbers of angels have their balance – people have another, darker side, which in this case may mean that the bearer of the number 39 can have a hard, miserable life full of unfortunate events.

Angel number 39 – what does that mean?

Looking at number 39, we can see its parts: numbers 3 and 9. Number nine is a number that belongs to a series of sacred numbers, and it brings promises and ideals. These people are impeccable idealists and noble souls who also represent all that is depressed and unprivileged – and this resource is deeply imprinted on number 39.

The path of number 3 brings good luck, childlike happiness, and a positive attitude in life.

Often this combination manifests itself through a life full of literal travels or soul paths, which give them broad horizons, and these are the most powerful philosophers, researchers and people with excellent tolerance. The great humanists who are extremely open. They always follow their ideals and can overcome the problem. Many modern academics and researchers are angel number 39 precisely because of these resources.

The number 39 likes to do a job in which they can express their abilities and leave the fruit of their work for generations to see and remember.

As for health problems – they are not so weak and do not get too sick, but negative circumstances usually lead to an early death, which sometimes happens in number 39. Again, here we can see the power of 39 , they usually die before the age of 39, usually from a heart attack.

The secret meaning

The path of life of number 39 can be seen from the aspect of the numerology of angels, and suggests the progression of the spiritual path, which is divided into three major periods of life, nine-year cycles, and annual and monthly cycles.

This correspondence of division with number 9. The division into three major periods of life is referred to as number 3.

Depending on many other factors, including the influence of the sun, these cycles may change quickly or slowly, be turbulent or mild, but the most distinct change is present.

The numerologist usually says that the number 39 is a perfect example of a distinct separation into parts – birth, life and death. These cycles can be balanced and positive or tormenting and difficult.

This number is governed by Sun and can also be translated into word destiny – the numerologist explains that destiny and karma play a significant role in a world of number 39.


What is even more tragic, even if they find true love, a meaningful relationship to which they can commit themselves, can be interrupted by death. This part of the life cycle, which is a mandatory element in the life of number 39, also has an impact on their love relationships. Death, like the third life cycle of number 39, may even fall on their loved ones (they may lose their spouses).

Interesting facts

Number 39 has a fascinating story to tell. You probably believe that number 13 is the worst unlucky number of all, but the numerology of angels reveals that there are other numbers in the realm of angels that can bring unhappy energy to your door. People in most countries of the world are very superstitious about the number 13 and try to avoid it at any cost.

The number 39 is also one of those “bad luck” numbers. This belief comes from all over the world, where people don’t like to be associated with the number 39. This number is totally avoided in some cultures, all because of the various stories they have given to the adjective “unfortunate.

This assumption is shown most prominently in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Their people are so afraid of this number that they don’t like to be near it, to say the name out loud, not on the phone numbers, plates, house doors, etc.

Over there, the people of Afghanistan called the number cursed 39; they believe that everything that has this number – is cursed. Some go so far that they hide their age and never say they are 39, but 40 or 38.


This number is very rarely seen in the human realm – it brings a message so profound that it only appears when there is no other solution and advice.

Angel is telling him that karma is coming his way – for someone who is uncomfortable truth, dark warning and for others karmic reward for all the right actions. Angels are telling you that your destiny can be changed and that you will get what you deserve.

Don’t be alarmed, the angels’ messages always have a purpose, and should be seen as a punishment – they are the information and advice you need in your life.

The angel’s advice is: When you see that number, faith is your only true ally. The faith that the universe around you has its order, and optimism and a positive attitude in life can bring great rewards.

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