Dreaming about food

Who never dreamed one day that they were somewhere eating what they liked the most and got banged up? But what can it really mean to dream about food? When this happens, you wake up hungry or even eager to find a way to taste such a delicacy. Some, the names, when they are dreaming of a food they like a lot and wake up complaining.

When we devour a heavier food, such as feijoada, rabada, lasagna or even a sweet in large quantities, it is common for the subconscious to project our extravagance into the dream, which ends up generating even nightmares. So much so that the ancients recommended not to eat heavy things at night so that we could have a quiet sleep.

Try to relax and remember all the details of the dream, so that with our help you can have the correct interpretation of everything you have visualized and that, certainly, can be very valuable for life itself.

Dream of eating something in general

Dreaming about food in general is even very positive, since it demonstrates health, full nutrition and, especially, the reestablishment of both physical (which may have been lost because of some work or sport) or even spiritual energies.

The ideal is that you can also notice the type of food you have eaten, because if by chance you have eaten meat, it is a sign that you are involved with some sexual issue: repressed sex, desire to have sex, possibility of having eminent sex, etc.

Dreaming with plenty of food

Dreaming of food, even more so when in abundant quantity, is an excellent omen, because it indicates that at last you will be able to obtain recognition for a good job at your job, for being a devoted father, for being a good son, etc. This dream is also very common when we are about to receive some kind of award.

Dreaming about the food we like the most

Dreaming about food, or rather, that dish we like the most, is an excellent sign, because it indicates that we are surrounded by good friends and zealous family, who are always concerned about us and are willing to help us in any situation in life.

Dreaming that you’re accumulating food

Some people report that they periodically dream that they are storing food in cupboards and imagine that some kind of tragedy will happen, which is not the case. This kind of dream happens as a simple manifestation of our subconscious showing that we are unsure about some very important issue in our life and that something must be done before it becomes difficult to resolve.

Dreaming with rotten food

Dreaming of rotten food is quite unpleasant, we often wake up feeling a certain rotten taste in our mouth, as if we had actually ingested that food. This dream reflects the possibility of a considerable loss of money and suggests that we be more careful with our spending and other finances in general.

Thus, when we dream of some rotten food, it is ideal that we make a reinforcement in our planning and budgets.

Never see a dream as a problem, but rather as an alert for you to stay alert.

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