Dreaming of a cemetery

Dreaming of a cemetery at first may seem like something bad is about to happen, but that’s not quite the case! It is necessary a wide reflection when dreaming with this type of place so that then it has a correct interpretation of the same.

Some beliefs observe the cemetery as being only a place of rest of the body, without any negative or pejorative connotation.

Dreaming of a cemetery

Dreaming of a cemetery is a reason for fear and panic on the part of those who have dreamed, since such a place, especially for us Westerners, holds a rather negative cultural charge, full of mysticisms and beliefs that often do not match any tangible reality.
However, this negative aspect can be understood, since a cemetery carries within itself a series of energetically heavy elements that stimulate the low astral, such as: coffins, sad sculptures, gravestones, etc.

Did you dream about someone entering the cemetery?

This kind of dream does not mean that death will come to the person you have visualized, it only reflects a stage of intense change that that particular person will go through. It can mean the definitive separation of a couple, it can indicate that the person will leave the current job and invest in an absolutely different career, as well as the marriage of someone very special. In other words, as we can see, it only reflects an intense change in the life of a certain person.

Did you dream of a cemetery full of fog?

That dream may be associated with an intense concern that you are going through at the moment. Therefore, it would be a warning from your subconscious in the sense of cautioning you against any situation that might affect your prosperity and happiness.

However, this same type of dream (observing its positive aspect) also portrays a spiritual evolution, especially when the dreamer is sincerely wishing to change bad habits.

Did you dream that you are observing a funeral?

Don’t worry, this dream is quite positive! It means in general terms that the dreamer will start a new stage in his life, that is, the funeral is just the symbol that he is leaving behind a life cycle that can no longer be sustained in the present. Try to deal positively with the changes and learn as much as you can from it.

Did you dream that you are standing next to a grave?

Although it is a bit frightening, especially depending on the type of scenario that was presented, the dream is rather positive! If the grave is someone you know, it means that they will be able to overcome the health problems they are going through and will achieve a lot of prosperity!

If the grave is of someone unknown, it means that it will be you who will overcome any kind of health problem and will have good prosperity in your path!

And if in this cemetery you can see beautiful flowers, especially in the colors yellow, white and green, or even children playing, it is an omen that you will soon have excellent news in one or several areas of your life. Consider firmly the possibility of a new gestation, be it in the house of relatives, friends or even yours!

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