Dreaming of a coffin

If dreaming of death can be a sign of renewal, dreaming of a coffin is not so bad either.  You have dreamed of a coffin and you want to know its interpretation, rest assured, because below I will make a brief compilation of the various dreams that involve the much feared coffin.

It is up to you to interpret it later in the face of the events of your life.

Dreaming with a coffin in general

Dreaming of such a coffin in general means that you will have to pay more attention to events and feelings in your life.

It can symbolize the end of a stage, such as something you have been doing that makes you tired like a job a friendship, etc…

Dreaming with open or closed casket

Was the coffin open? Soon you will enter a period where you will be more independent in your emotions. Something or even a person who makes you feel trapped will soon stop interfering negatively in your life.

Sometimes this kind of dream happens when you feel trapped in something you don’t like. It is almost as if the door to the coffin opens for the soul to come out and start something new again.

Was the coffin closed? Here it indicates that you have lost something in your life and only now are you emotionally aware of the event, that is “you took a cold shower.

But don’t worry, it won’t be bad for you, only the dream indicates an awakening. Try to think positive that life will guide you.

Dreaming with a coffin at a wake

If you dreamed of a coffin at a funeral, it’s a sign something’s about to happen. It doesn’t indicate that someone is going to die. This dream is like a sign that you may possibly have to face the death of someone you know.

It works almost like an emotional preparation.

Dreaming in a coffin with a known or unknown person

It may be frightening, but you don’t have to fear anything. If you dream of a known deceased inside the coffin, it indicates that something you desire very secretly is about to come true.

If the person inside the coffin is unknown, it means that you have been carrying useless feelings, you will have to get rid of those feelings first that take you nowhere to be happy.

Stop for a moment and reflect on your life.

Dreaming with child or dead baby in the coffin

If your wife is pregnant and at risk of losing the child, the dream could mean your fear of losing your child.

But if this is not the case, it represents a rebirth, or even a change in your life. Reflect a little and stay calm.

Don’t be afraid, dreams are little warnings from our subconscious, we can only learn to interpret them…so a lot from person to person.

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