Dreaming of a rainbow

Hope is the last that dies, that is to say, it is a very strong feeling and resists practically everything.  Dreaming of a rainbow is a sign of persistence and especially if you go in the right direction, therefore, doing the right thing. This dream indicates that you have become a persistent person and this quality is the exception nowadays.

Problem solving is near and in a short time all these problems will be just memories. As bad as it may seem this situation is essential to go in the same direction and giving up is never an option. When more snake life is a sign that you have a lot to give, that is, grow the right way.

Dreaming of a rainbow generally means hope. It represents that you can never give up, because there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel for any problem.

What does it mean to dream about a rainbow?

Most people use the rainbow precisely to contemplate a new time that will come. This phenomenon happens between rain and sun, so it has a meaning linked to diversity. Dreaming of a rainbow indicates that you will get out of all the difficulties with property and take a lesson from all this.

The same dream cannot represent the same thing for all people who have dreamed. Differences exist and to know for sure what they may indicate it is important to pay attention to the details of the dream. Below you will have all the most common meanings for this kind of dream that is common in society.

Seeing a rainbow

Your faith in God has made you always protected, because God has never abandoned anyone. Try to continue in the same way and take advantage of that time to settle this spiritually good phase you’re living through.

Iris in the water

All people follow others as a great inspiration and this dream indicates just that. You have been inspired by people who deserve all the attention and can make a difference in what they do. Try to follow in that same direction, keep using them as a mirror and avoid just trying to copy too much.

Iris Arc at Sea

The end of your problems is near and you should seek a greater understanding of all this. It is common to believe that it will not be possible or even difficult to move forward with faith. Dreaming of a rainbow at sea is a sign that you need to renew your strength, because the battle will be too hard for you.

Rainbow in the sky

Negtivity is not part of your life and you are to be congratulated, because your positivity emanates everywhere. Nowadays, it is very important to value all this and the tip is to always follow this same direction that you know well.

With rainbows at night

This dream represents that you have had the courage to move forward and this attitude is admired by many. The people around you have in you someone who can make a difference and is positive above all.

Iris bow being born at home

Prosperity is knocking on your door and it will be essential to open it and let it enter your life. God has a wonderful plan for your life, so it is important to move forward and apply the law of love.

Colour rainbow

In a short time you will have the opportunity to taste happiness in all fields of your life. Dreaming of a colorful rainbow is an indication of good things, that is, of progress in all areas.

Iris arch and pot of gold

The professional and personal field will walk at uniform speed and you will grow quickly. The way you face problems has been inspiring and God is almost rewarding you.

Iris bow and rain

Rain represents the problems, so it is something that can cause several bad moments. This dream is a sign that you will overcome problems just as this spectacle of nature also overcomes rain.

Double iris arc

Luck in love is almost upon us and it will be essential to take this chance in a special way. Try to be receptive to this new phase, because life for two is much cooler than life for one.

Painting a rainbow

His innocence is something very beautiful and at the same time dangerous, so we must be careful. Dreaming of a rainbow being painted by you is a sign that it is necessary to balance things even more. Try to be in harmony with your mind and heart, because this will be of great value.

This dream bodes well?

Yes, because prosperity and especially persistence are inherent attributes of people who stand out. Dreaming of a rainbow means that you have been contemplated, that is, it is the time to thank God and do everything in the best possible way.

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