Dreaming of a witch

Dreaming of a witch means that some kind of situation has moved you and you need to pay attention. This can be something good or even something bad, that is, being attentive to the details is essential to interpret the dream.

Witches have been associated with evil, but they do not have that meaning for many civilizations in the world. There are some good ones and they can almost always indicate the arrival of several positive things. It is essential only to follow this way to have access to all the information that is important about it.

Dreaming with a witch will always be something bad?

Women are wonderful creatures, but they can also be very bad, just like men. Dreaming of a witch means that something that happened in the past still mess with your head in a dangerous way. The most important thing is to understand that their attitudes may change the meaning of the dream.

To understand what the dream may indicate you will need to be aware of all the details that happened during the dream. Try to remember the context and also the interaction that the witch came to you, because it will be important. After that, try to fit it into the situations that will be described in the following topics.

Converting with the witch

You have tried in every way to change your reality for the better, because that will be the best decision. It is also essential to pay attention to what was discussed, because there is a chance that something bad will happen. Try to change your life for the better and the best way is to try to evolve every day.

Witch doing spell

People are what they attract and dreaming of a witch doing a spell indicates that someone wants their evil. Before you go out there wanting to know who you are or looking for ways to defend yourself, it’s important to pay attention. It’s simply a matter of understanding that things will only affect you if you allow it to happen.

Try to keep your faith in God and also find ways to get away from all that is bad. Pay close attention to the energy that people leave, and if something is bad, it’s time to manage the contact. Learn to avoid and if something comes to you, the most important thing will be to maintain resignation in Jesus Christ.

Being a witch

Before you want to know the real meaning of this dream, it is essential to remember the nature of the spells. Dreaming of a witch where you’re doing some good spells bodes well for the future. If it’s for evil, it means that you’ve been letting yourself be dominated by feelings that are bad.

Selling a witch

This dream has a very interesting meaning and allows you to no longer have this feeling of accommodation. Every day several people act wrongly against you and your attitude is always to do nothing. Dreaming of a witch in a situation where you observe indicates the need to be more energetic.

Witch flying on the broom

This is a very bad omen for your future, because there may be several people desiring your evil. It is necessary to identify who they are and to start having different attitudes towards those that are the most common. Do not pay for evil in the same proportion and learn to fight it by giving your love to everyone.

Try to have compassion for each bad attitude and allow everyone to learn from your attitudes. This dream was an indication for you to have more mature attitudes towards others. Do you think you can’t? Try it once and you will see that it was the best choice.

Dream with a witch chasing you

Your fear and pride are making your life a living hell. Peace of mind is only achieved when balance exists and you can have attitudes that are different about everything. Try to look more inside yourself to understand that everything depends only on yourself.

Hunting or killing a witch

Other people’s interests cannot kill yours, that is, learn to impose yourself in a different way. If it is no longer enough to be competent, then make others feel your presence. Learn to use a little humility to harvest all the fruits that were planted in the present.

The dream asks what?

Dreaming of a witch is an invitation to exercise self-knowledge and only you can do it yourself. This is the time for change and it’s no use wanting others to change anymore, because you have to do it. The most important thing is to start and learn that nothing is better than to be evolving every day for the better.

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