Dreaming of Frog

When you dream about frogs you think it’s a bad omen or you may think you have the same interpretation of a frog dream because of its physical likeness. However, depending on what you dream or feel during the dream it may symbolize quite positive things or not.

As I always say, an interpretation can vary from one person to another, so it is up to you to try to interpret your dream in the most correct way. In general the meaning of dreaming about a frog indicates positive changes in your life.

I have decided to make a selection of the 7 dream interpretations with this animal in different contexts.

Dream with green frog

It could mean big changes for your life, it indicates that you are walking through the right cumin and that you are going to arrive at “good port”, (will or is close to achieving your goals). It can also represent fertility or the birth of a baby in a close relative.

If in your dream you felt fear or anguish when you saw the frog, the meaning is quite the opposite, here it indicates that you will have a less good time in the near future. (Be more attentive to the people close to you, such as those who feel they don’t like you, such as the “envious.”)

Dead frog

This means he’s in trouble and he can’t get out of it. Here you must stop and reflect well, why you are going through this, what to do to get out of this cycle, etc. For everything that is bad for us always ends up weakening us, first emotionally and then physically can even harm our health. “That’s why you have to get out of this as soon as possible.”

Eat frog

Another dream that does not augur well, because eating a frog is something repugnant to most people, correct? So that means you’re going to be going through some tough times very soon. As it is impossible to know when they saw it, it is always good to be attentive to our attitudes and those of people close to us.

Dreaming with a big frog

If you have a project in action or are preparing one, it indicates that you will have many obstacles ahead until you reach your goal. Even so, the fact that it is difficult does not mean that it is a bad omen, because in the end your effort will be rewarded.

Hunting frog

This dream may mean that your health may not be as good as you think. It would be good for you to see if everything is okay with her and start having a more healthy life.

Dream you’ve stepped on the frog

If you’ve seen someone step on a frog, it may indicate that someone is trying to step on you, so stay tuned and alert, because someone you trust is not being true to you.

If it was you who was stepping on the frog, you should reflect what you have been doing, if you are acting in good faith with others. For you may be harming someone without realizing it.

(If you’re really acting in bad faith, stop doing these things, for the planet always rewards us the way we do. If you’re doing it wrong, you’ll get it double).

Frog jumping

If you’ve dreamt of the frog jumping from one side to the other, it indicates that you’ve been quite carefree or distracted with your life. This will make you not take life seriously, on the one hand it can be good, because it leads life without stress, but too much can cause various problems. Try to find a middle ground!

If the frog jumped from one side to the other and did not cause you any kind of fear, it means that you are progressing in your personal life or in your career. So you’re on the right track.

See dreams as little warnings from our subconscious mind, even if you have dreamed of a frog and have a bad omen see it in a positive way, because it is good that you have been warned … you can straighten your ways.

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