Dreaming of lightning

You’re walking in the wrong direction and dreaming about lightning means that this is a problem. In general, it can become an alert for you to take better care of your health and not lose control.

Therefore, it is appropriate to think that situations do not involve you and the main thing is to pay attention to it. Any form of lightning can be seen and you will need to pay attention to it, because it will be very effective.

First of all, you have to remember the whole context and this kind of situation turns out to be the best alternative. In this way, it is the most appropriate time to show the meanings and you will have much more to follow.

What’s the meaning of dreaming with lightning?

Lightning is a manifestation of nature’s power, so it discharges millions of volts naturally. It is worth noting that because it is a natural event and the same will be marked by opposites.

In short, lightning occurs in the sky and the earth, between clouds and soils, that is, the dream has different meanings. The most interesting thing is to pay attention to the issues that are the main ones and to pay attention to that will be fundamental.

To dream with lightning means that this is not the way to go and it becomes essential to pay attention to these issues. The main thing is to pay attention to it and then it will be possible to have access to the most frequent situations in the dream.

Seeing lightning in the sky

The significance is linked to a warning against health problems for those who came to have the dream. Therefore, it is necessary to indicate that it is a good time for the projects to be realized. All that remains to be done is to pay attention to these issues and it will have been a much better decision.

Dreaming with lightning falling on the ground or near me

The omen is not at all positive and will indicate that some kind of very serious misfortune could happen. This will be an event that could cause the situation to lose control and this is a warning. It is a matter of representing some kind of death in the family and this is something that will require great care.

Hit by a radius

There will be a total renewal in your life and it is something professional, but you can become a person too. Because of this situation it is that dreaming of lightning in which you are hit represents a new time that will come soon.

Another person is hit by lightning

Lightning brings good signs to those who have dreamed and indicates a possible favorable change that has happened. This is a change of house or even job, but one must pay attention to those issues that are effective.

With lightning falling on the ground near me

A crisis will happen in your work and the omen unfortunately has not been positive for you. The time has come to change your attitudes and the main thing is to have the attention so that everything works. Do not be in a hurry and try to understand that little by little it is probable that everything can improve even more.

Dreaming with lightning and rain

That is a good sign, because it shows that prosperity will happen in your business and it will happen soon. So, make the most of this moment and try to fill yourself with enthusiasm to have the strength to move forward.

Ray and storm

This is a great warning for people to be careful about the material or financial side. Rain is an indication of danger, but lightning is connected with the aspect of life that you should lead. Try to think it over and avoid suffering from anything that may not pose a risk to you.

Dreaming with lightning rod

Hope is coming and shows a lot of security, ensuring that you do not face so many financial problems. It’s just that you have to protect yourself from these issues and the best way is to stay the same.

Ray at sea

Some family problems will happen and dreaming of lightning at sea is a clear indication of adversity. However, the probability of overcoming it is very high and it will all depend on yourself. Making the right decision is necessary and you must protect your family in all ways.


This is an excellent omen and it means that you need to overcome these obstacles that are before you. They can be natural, professional and even with promotion, that is, a good salary increase.

Ray X

This is a bad dream, because it means that some problems will be faced and there are health problems. Being able to be connected to your life and be careful with these attitudes or decisions will involve some conflicts, avoid this.

The dream itself is good or bad?

So it certainly indicates that the changes are going to happen and it will be something very positive for you. Dreaming of lightning is a very clear sign that everything will work, that is, financial, professional and personal gains.

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