Dreaming of resignation

Dreaming of resignation, although it may seem a terrible nightmare, since you will lose your job and may go through a complicated financial period, in the dreamlike universe your representation is not so alarming.

No doubt no one wants to lose their job, but can resignation cause some conflict in your dreams? Do you want to go deeper into what it means to dream about resignation? Then check this article out to the end!

What it means to dream of resignation

Dreaming of resignation means that you will be able to experience very positive moments, where prosperity will be at your side. If you’ve been dreaming of resignation, there’s no need to worry, especially if it’s you delivering your letter of resignation yourself.

Besides being a courageous act, it means that you have control of your life and don’t want other people to dictate the rules. You have probably enlightened yourself that life is much more than just running after money.

Dreaming of resignation, in general, indicates a very prosperous future. You will have luck at your side so that you can achieve the things you want.

Some may find it strange, but a study of over 2,200 Americans has shown that people who dream of resigning, especially if they are fired, can get a raise very soon.

People who participated in the study reported their dreams about employment in general, and many had dreamed of dismissal or job-related things.

So, as you can see, dreaming of resignation will certainly take you to another level.

Dreaming that you’ll resign

Anyone who dreams of asking to leave the company, or even handing in their letter of resignation, indicates that they may change jobs very soon. It is a sign of change, perhaps your contribution in that company has already been enough. Then the time has come to chart new paths. Don’t be afraid of that kind of dream, because every change drives us in some way.

This dream is also very important for people who may be working, but not in the training area. Dreaming that you resign may indicate to those people that your new job will be within your area, which is something very significant.

That you are unfairly fired

This dream is related to the economic situation of the dreamer. It may be that the money issue is worrying you in some way. This anxiety and accelerated thinking only generates even more tension. Especially for people who have a family, car and rent to pay, surely this dream can bring this kind of scenario. It is nothing more than your excessive worry being reflected in your dreams.

With another person being fired

This dream means the arrival of news, however, not so positive. Dreaming that you see another person being fired is a sign from the unconscious that you need to prepare for things to come.

Try to observe how the mood is in your work environment, notice if there are any signs of changes, new people coming, cuts, etc.

This dream is also an indicator for the dreamer to be more attentive to his relationships. Are you satisfied with any of your relationships? Be it friendship or love?

Dream of firing someone

As you may notice, dreaming of dismissal in fact relates to the work environment most of the time. Dreaming about firing someone, for example, means that you should pay attention because you may soon face problems in the company where you work.

It can be something related to misunderstandings, discussions that lead to nothing and that only complicate the climate of the environment.

See, if you are in a leadership position, try to give feedback to professionals, make a friendly meeting in order to align some actions. Every professional needs to be motivated, and nothing better than a good dialogue.

See someone known being fired

Dreaming that someone close to you is being fired indicates that some friend is in need of help. This person could be you holding the hand. You should have tact and ability to handle the situation and help the person in a more assertive way.

Try to pay attention to your feelings and the people who were with you during the dream. In general, you have seen that dreaming of resignation is not such a worrying thing.

Do you have a habit of writing down your dreams? This is important so you can read and remember some of them. Some dreams only make sense after a while, when something in real life reveals itself.

And as you can see, dreaming of resignation has many variables, and they can help you if you are willing to write down your dreams. Do this exercise!

You see, how does dreaming about resignation have different meanings? If you liked this article, share it with your dreaming friends.

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