Dreaming of window

Dreaming of a window can have several meanings, if you get to that page I have to tell you that you will know the true meaning of this dream. When you dream about a window, you have to pay attention to the context and the image that appears during the dream.

A window allows us to visualize the landscape, the people, the nature… it’s life outside taking shape. And in the dream, what does this symbol represent?

The window can appear in the dreamlike universe in different ways, and that’s what we’ll detail a little more throughout this article. In general, dreams with windows present us with the communication between our inner self, what we feel, and the world around us.

But let’s know a little more about what window dreams mean?

What it means to dream about window

Each dream has different details, and presents itself with other scenarios and symbologies. Some dream, for example, that they fly through green plains, others may dream that they fly through the streets.

This is the universe of dreams, multiple and very, very particular. In the case of the window dream, it represents good opportunities for the dreamer.

To dream with window means the sensibility of the dreamer, with the influences of the outside world. This dream is very interesting, and deserves the dreamer’s attention.

In a certain way, dreams with a window indicate that the dreamer is most probably vulnerable, being able to receive influence from the things around him.

So it is necessary to reflect if certain events are not preventing you from achieving your goals. If you notice that this is happening, dreaming of a window has come exactly to alert you that the time has come to follow your heart.

It is not a bad dream, far from it, but you need to have control and take the reins of your life.

Dreaming with an open window

When in the dream, the window appears open, this represents the dreamer’s desire to live new adventures. It may be that he is wanting to travel and explore the world, or even change his life completely.

Do you know when something is missing? The window comes to represent that desire to go out and experience new experiences.

Dream of throwing something out the window

Dreaming that you throw something out of the window represents an advance on some dreamer’s inner position. It may be that he has had some kind of lighting and the time has come to risk everything, if he really plays!

Dreaming with window closed

In the case of the dream with a closed window, attention is needed. That means you’re blocking your emotions. This fact ends up preventing you from having deeper ties, you are afraid to get involved, to say what you feel and this is very serious.

You run the risk of feeling abandoned, so the dream with a closed window comes to make that alert.

Dreaming with fire coming out of a window

A window where fire comes out, during a dream, represents vivacity. It can indicate long life, good health, longevity for the dreamer. It is a good omen, even though it may cause a somewhat distressing sensation to see the fire coming out of the window.

Dreaming with broken window

Dreaming of a broken window means that the dreamer is very attached and has no desire for change. He runs the serious risk of getting stuck in the roots. Not that this is bad, because everyone has the right to choose a way of life.

But breathing new air is always important. Living new things allows us to grow and evolve.

A dream with a broken window can also indicate disloyalty on the part of friends.

Dreaming that you’re jumping a window

The person who dreams that he is jumping out of a window needs to pay attention to economic stability. You and your family may be about to enter a more complicated phase when it comes to money.

However, the dream has exactly this function of alerting us. This is the time to program yourself and avoid possible setbacks.

Dreaming that you’re cleaning a window

If during a dream you see yourself cleaning a window, this is a sign that you need to change or revise your mind. You must be behaving in a prejudiced manner, and this will cause your friends or close people to move away from you.

See something through a window

The dreamer who sees something through a window means that he will come out the winner of possible conflicts.

Now, whoever sees people kissing through a window, indicates to be careful not to behave foolishly and come out damaged.

Dreaming of a window, most of the time, should be interpreted as advice. As you can see, there are different ways for the window to appear in a dream.

Thus, it is up to the dreamer to interpret it according to his life experiences. Dreams always come to help us face the difficulties of everyday life.

They are a means to enlighten our ideas and bring answers. Always remember that!

You see, how dreaming of windows has different meanings? If you liked this article, share it with your dreaming friends.

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